A relaxing holiday at the natural springs in Tuscany

bagni san filippo

Tuscany offers to its visitors almost everything: art and culture, nature, good food and also rest and relax at the thermal springs. This extraordinary region has a wide selection of natural thermal waters and extraordinary spas. So, start choosing the best accommodation in Tuscany - villas, hotels, B & B or a holiday home - and get ready to enjoy!

All Tuscany is dotted with thermal waters of various kinds, ranging from luxury spas to natural sources, in practice there will be spoiled for choice. Furthermore thermal waters are not only hot, and so decidedly pleasant, inviting and relaxing, but they also have healing properties, already known by the Romans.

Among the hot springs in Tuscany Bagni San Filippo, in the province of Siena, is one of the oldest, already known since the Middle Ages.The thermal waters here are surrounded by greenery and nature, and there are plenty of natural mud for a silky skin. Even the thermal springs of Petriolo are surrounded by nature. The water flows at 43 ° C in natural pools where you can immerse yourself in absolute freedom.The sulphurous water gush out from springs along the banks of the river Farma, in the woods and nature, and form natural pools with healing properties especially for respiratory, motor and skin diseases. At the center of the Val d'Orcia thet is Bagno Vignoni, a charming village on top of a hill overlooking the Val d'Orcia, already discovered in Etruscan and Roman times for its extraordinary thermal waters. Here in practice the main square is a huge spa pool where, for more than 2000 years, there has been a hot water spring at 49° C known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Again in the province of Siena, Chianciano Terme is a thermal town located between Val D'Orcia and Val di Chiana. Its waters have beneficial properties already known among the Etruscans and Romans for the treatment of liver and gastrointestinal system.

One of the most famous thermal towns in Tuscany is undoubtedly Saturnia, located in Maremma. Here from the underground has been flowing uninterruptedly for over 3000 years, sulphurous water at 37,5°C with excellent curative properties.In particular, the salts and gases contained in the water acts on the respiratory, cardio-circulatory and skeletal systems. They also act as a natural peeling with detergent, exfoliating and antiseptic properties.

For a art and relaxation holiday in Tuscany the best thing would be to combine a visit to the extraordinary cities of Florence and Siena with some stops exclusively devoted to relaxation. Booking a hotel in Florence or Siena, you can then easily move throughout Tuscany to discover its thermal waters.