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National Archeological Museum National Archeological Museum

Visit the National Archaeological Museum without queuing up!

With 3 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples without standing in line.

With a few clicks you can visit an extraordinary collection of greek-roman works, the Farnese collection with sculptures and precious gems, the Pompeian collections with finds coming from the cities hit by the Vesuvius' eruption, the Egyptian and the Epigraphic collection, as well as the Secret Cabinet with finds and frescoes of erotic subject.

Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Naples.

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IMPORTANT : If the time requested is not available, the museum will confirm a timetable different from the one you requested, but as close as possible to the one you requested.

What makes this Tour Unique?

  • See the greek-roman works and the Farnese collection
  • Admire the Egyptian and the Epigraphic collection
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time
  • Stay in the museum how long you want

Reduced and free tickets

Reduced/Half Ticket:

  • European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Teachers from EU public institutes (Città del Vaticano, Montecarlo, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Repubblica di San Marino, Lichtestein included) with proof of tenure.

Free Ticket:

  • Citizens under 18 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)

Service fees and eventual temporary exhibition fees are always due.

Opening hours

Open from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm (the ticket office closes at 6.00 pm).

Closed on: Tuesday, 1st January and 25th December.


Available in Italian and English

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes


At the entrance of the Museum there is a free cloakroom where visitors can hand in umbrellas, large bags and backpacks.


There is one shop at the entrance of the Museum where it is possible to buy publications, postcards, posters, slides, videotapes and gifts.

Information Point

Located in the entrance hall of the Museum.


It contains specialized books and magazines of archaeologic and numismatic subject, and any publication relating to the Museum. It's open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5.00 pm.

For information: tel. +39 081 440166

Photo Archive

You may access by previous written request of permission and by appointment, from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

For information: tel. +39 081 440166

Disabled Visitors

The Museum is almost entirely praticable with wheelchairs.

The Museum is located in Piazza Museo n°19 - Naples.


It is one of the most important archaeological museum in the world situated in the former "Palace of the Studies" of Naples; it consists of important collections such as the Farnese one, that of the Pompeian excavations, the Egyptian one, the Epigraphic one and many other masterpieces of Greek-Roman art.


The building was begun in 1585 but only with Ferdinand IV of Borbone began to take shape the Museum itself; the renovation works were carried out first by Ferdinando Fuga, then from 1780 by Pompeo Schiantarelli and finally by Francesco Maresca, so in 1816 was instituted the "Royal Bourbon Museum".

With the Unification of Italy the complex took the name of National Museum and was enriched with new acquisitions; when in 1957 the Picture Gallery was moved to another location, the Museum became exclusively Archaeological.


On the ground floor all the rooms are occupied by the Farnese collection, with beautiful statues coming from Palazzo in Campo dei Fiori, Farnese Palace, Baths of Caracalla and Farnesina, and a wonderful collection of gems. Then there is all the statuary coming from the cities, like Pompei and Ercolano, hit by the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 AD, and the collection of mosaics.

Curious is the so-called Secret Cabinet which houses a collection of objects and mural paintings with erotic subjects that also had religious and magical value. Belong to the Museum also the sculptures coming from the Villa of Papyri (50 in marble and 21 in bronze), the Egyptian collection, the Epigraphic collection, the Numismatic collection and the beautiful Meridiana Room.



  • The Tyrannicides
  • The Farnese Hercules
  • The Farnese Bull (representing the torture of Dirce)
  • Doryphorus
  • Silenus drunk
  • Dancers
  • Runners
  • Hermes at rest
  • Farnese Atlas


  • The Farnese Cup


  • The Isso Battle

Mural paintings:

  • Saffo
  • The Three Graces
31 May 2016
Seeing this museum really brings Pompei alive, since it contains many everyday elements that were brought from Pompei. I enjoyed the mosaics with renditions of everyday life. Of the series taken from the Casa del Fauno, it is La battaglia di Alessandro contro Dario (The Battle of Alexander against Darius) that really stands out. The ground floor Farnese collection of...
30 May 2016
Go to the secret room. The stuff there is fun to look at (not for children). Some of the paintings and mosaics from the ancient sites are spectacular. Overall this museum has some amazing things, and the building is lovely, but it is not well curated.
30 May 2016
Group visit the day after seeing Herculaneum which helped to picture where the statues/mosaics etc. would have been situated. Amazing place.
30 May 2016
So you been to Pompeii and Herculaneum? Well those visits won't be complete without a trip to the museum, where all the things that were found in the two cities now reside.
30 May 2016
Truly wonderful museum showing many treasures from Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as the impressive Farnese sculptures. Probably best visited after Pompeii and/or Herculaneum as it shows just how glorious the decorations of the houses were.
29 May 2016
Very good exhibits and well displayed. Some of the rooms were closed but this often happens. Keep the children out of the Secret Room.
28 May 2016
Very interesting visit, if a bit spoiled by the fact that about half of the exhibits related to Pompeii were closed for restoration but the huge collection of artifacts could keep one busy for days. Definitely worth inclusion in an itinerary
28 May 2016
Visited for a few hours and found the exhibits to be fantastic. Lots of Herculaneum/Pompeii relics. Some modern pieces interesting too. Very well laid out, good entry price...just do not use the toilets...the smell was unbearable. My husband made the very same comment on returning from the Gents. Don't think young children would be very interested.
23 May 2016
We went there on a Tuesday afternoon after touring Pompeii that morning. It was a bank holiday in Naples so the museum, which is usually closed on Tuesdays, was open. Go figure. Its an old time museum that has wonderful artifacts including lots of stuff that used to be in Pompeii . The mosaic of Alexander and Darius III is...
22 May 2016
We visited this museum before our trip to Pompeii and were amazed at the artifacts. I have never seen such beautiful sculptures and amazing artifacts saved from Pompeii. Worth the visit.
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