Perfect Roman Holidays - How to choose the accommodation


Rome is a huge tourist metropolis that offers endless possibilities to its visitors: entertainment, culture, art, shopping, nightlife and religion, in short, there's something for everyone's taste. That said, however, you need to keep in mind that, like all big cities, Rome presents logistical problems related to distance, traffic and transportation. Thus, choosing your accommodation here, it is crucial to find it in the right zone, especially if you are visiting the city for few days. The suggestion we can give is to choose the district depending on the type of holiday you have in mind.

For example, if you are passionate about art and want a holiday of culture, you will have nothing but spoiled for choice in an ancient city like Rome, all you have to do is book your accommodation within the boundaries of the historic center, and you'll have everything at hand. Here there are in fact the most important museums of the city: the Capitoline Museums, the National Gallery of Ancient Art and the Borghese Gallery. In the historical city centre there are also the major archaeological sites: the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. In this area there are really a lot of hotels from which you can fully enjoy the artistic and cultural side of the capital.

Do not forget that Rome is the capital of Christendom, so for those who wants to follow an itinerary of a religious nature, the best area is certainly the Vatican. Here there is the magnificent St. Peter's Square, surrounded by the picturesque Bernini's colonnade, and also the Basilica of St. Peter. You can easily reach the Vatican Museums, a museum complex of the utmost importance, which houses the works of the great Italian artists such as Giotto and Leonardo, and from which you access the Raphael Rooms and the amazing Sistine Chapel.

For a taste of the most authentic and truthful side of Rome, book a hotel in the district of Trastevere, with its characteristics winding streets of cobblestones. It is a neighborhood rich in Roman history and traditions, where you can find the most popular night spots and the best typical "trattorie".

Another great area for nightlife is San Lorenzo, since it is located near the University La Sapienza is very popular among young people and has many pubs and clubs.

Who finally, is looking for an accommodation in Rome to attend one of the many sport and/or music events that proliferate in the capital - especially in summer - should choose a hotel, B&B or camping near the structure in which it takes place the event. So, in the Flaminio area where there are the Olympic Stadium and the Foro Italico, or in the Appian area to follow an event at the Hippodrome Le Capannelle where, throughout the summer there's one of the most important rock festivals in Italy.