Autumn is the month of mushrooms in Tuscany!

autumn tuscany

Mushroom lovers, the best time for you to visit Tuscany is undoubtedly fall! You can book a farmhouse in Chianti, a Bed & Breakfast in Mugello, near Florence, a vacation home in Val d'Orcia (near Siena) or a farm in Maremma, they are all great starting points for searching and tasting these delicious autumn fruits of the earth.

Equip yourself with a basket and, for those who are not expert with mushrooms, maybe even with an experienced guide, slip on your boots and venture into the woods being careful where you put your feet!

Tuscany is full of woods and meadows where you can find excellent edible mushrooms of different varieties and practically everywhere: from the most famous porcini to the tasty chanterelle, finferli and blackthorns.

The autumn climate is ideal for growing mushrooms with still warm temperatures and damp conditions of the soil. As you will know, not all mushrooms are edible, some are poisonous and particularly toxic. That's why we recommend to be accompanied by an experienced guide, because some of them can be really dangerous.

Mushrooms are a must of the Tuscan cuisine in autumn and are used from starters - over the toasted bread - to pasta dishes (do not miss the noodles with porcini mushrooms), and main dishes such as the delicious filetto all'Alpina (beef fillet with porcini chapel). They are good in all ways: sautéed, fried or simply grilled and seasoned with olive oil, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Among the menu of Tuscan restaurant, proposals based on mushrooms in this season are endless.

Furthermore Tuscany in this time really brings out its best in terms of flavors, colors and fragrances. Climate is less hot and leaves change their color tending to the warm tones of orange and gold. Book a farmhouse surrounded by countryside and linger in relaxing nature walks.In the evening enjoy a nice plate of pappardelle with mushrooms accompanied, of course, by a good Tuscan red wine.