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Visit the San Marco Museum without queuing up!

With 3 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the San Marco Museum without standing in line.

Come and see the extraordinary painting of Beato Angelico, the elegance and the delicacy of his drawing, the moving religiosity of his works on wood and on fresco, located in a charming architectural complex.

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What makes this Tour Unique?

  • Visit this charming museum located inside an ancient Dominican monastery
  • See the masterpieces of Fra Angelico
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time
  • Stay in the museum how long you want

Reduced and free tickets

Reduced/Half Ticket:

  • European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Teachers from EU public institutes (Città del Vaticano, Montecarlo, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Repubblica di San Marino, Lichtestein included) with proof of tenure.

Free Ticket:

  • Citizens under 18 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)

Service fees and eventual temporary exhibition fees are always due.



There is one museum shop inside, where it is possible to buy guide books in various languages, art publications and objects inspired by works of the Museum.

Disabled Visitors

The museum is accesible for disabled persons. However we recommend to put you in contact with the Administrative Department.

The Museum is located in the homonymous San Marco Square n°3 - Florence.


Once a Dominican monastery, it houses the largest collection in the world of paintings by Beato Angelico.


The Museum is housed in the Dominican monastery of San Marco, built between 1438 and 1444 by will of Cosimo the Elder of the Medici family, on a design by the architect Michelozzo, who created an architectural masterpiece of functionality, harmony and elegance.

The monastery, and the adjoining Library, once housing Greek and Latin books, was one of the most important centres of the Florentine Humanism, but its fame is mainly due to the splendid cycle of frescoes painted within 1450 by the painter-monk Fra Angelico, one of the greatest masters of the Florentine Renaissance.

Head of the monastery at the end of the 15th C. was Girolamo Savonarola, great preacher who inspired the Florentine Republic, then condemned as an heretic and executed on Piazza Signoria in 1498. The State Museum was opened in 1869.


The rooms of the monastery are located all around the Renaissance cloister by Michelozzo, on the ground and on the upper floor. The biggest collection in the world of panel-paintings by Beato Angelico has been displayed in the Hospice Hall (Sala dell’Ospizio) since the early 20th century. The section by the Large Refectory was arranged much later (1980-90) in order to house paintings by Fra Bartolomeo and the artists of the San Marco School.

The Last Supper frescoed in 1480 by Domenico Ghirlandaio decorates the Small Refectory. The big cycle of frescoes by Fra Angelico, remarkable example of contemplative art, starts in the cloister and in the Chapter House, but it is fully displayed on the upper floor, along the corridors and inside the cells of the dormitory. On the same upper floor the harmonious Library by Michelozzo houses a great collection of 15th century illuminated books.

At the far end of the dormitory, the cells once belonged to Savonarola show memories of his life and of his tragic death.


Panel-paintings by Fra Angelico, in the Hospice Hall:

  • Deposition of Christ (from Santa Trinita Sacristy), 1433 approx.
  • Triptych of St. Peter the Martyr, 1428 approx.
  • The Annalena Altarpiece, 1430 approx.
  • The San Marco Altarpiece, 1440 approx.
  • The Last Judgement and the Linemakers Tabernacle, 1432 approx.

Frescoes by Fra Angelico:

  • In the Cloister: St. Dominic at the feet of the Cross
  • In the Chapter House: Crucifixion
  • Along the corridors of the Dormitory: Annunciation and Madonna of the Shadows
  • In the cells: Noli Me Tangere, Annunciation, The Mocking of Christ, Transfiguration
  • In the cell of Cosimo the Elder: Adoration of the Magi, painted by Benozzo Gozzoli, one of Beato Angelico’s assistants.
25 Jan 2016
A gem of a place. The convent Museo of San Marco with all the Fra Angelico frescoes is an impressive site. You can also visit the cell of Savonarola and some good works by Fra Bartholomeo and a good Last Supper by Ghirlandaio
19 Jan 2016
Amazing art, beautiful setting. The cells used by priests were very interesting. Great way to experience how they lived.
17 Jan 2016
We were suggested to visit the San Marco Museum as a fine place which is not crowded but has a surprising wealth of art. There is indeed a church here but there is also a delightful cloister like central court for relaxation and peaceful thought. There are galleries downstairs off this court as well. There are several works by Fra...
15 Jan 2016
I had not visited San Marco for many years and was totally stunned at the beauty. The buildings are amazing but best of all is the room full of manuscripts which are hand illuminated, magical stuff and best of all the amazing wall murals by Fran Angelico. It was a really cold December day but we just couldn't drag ourselves...
12 Jan 2016
In the center, want to get away from the crowds.. walk up to pza. San Marco and enjoy some quiet time... spiritual and physical restoration. being a tourist can take a lot out of you. :-)
11 Jan 2016
I really like frescoes in general, but Fra Angelico's frescoes... Just simply beautiful. He really liked to painting, and especially the Annunciation. There are several annunciation's painting of his, and in several cells he painted also the cross. Though they seems similar but he put different details in every painting. Just beautiful!
11 Jan 2016
You have to see the Fra Angelico paintings in the Hospice and the frescoes in the monks' cells to understand the spirituality of the age. Special attention to the cell of Savonarola.
05 Jan 2016
A seldom visited jewel in Florence. The frescos are absolutely magnificent! This is a spiritual journey of art through the eyes of devotion.
31 Dec 2015
The frescoes by Fra Angelico are fantastic and the monastery is an architectural delight. The monks' cells are very interesting, as is the story of Savonarola.
21 Dec 2015
Stumbled into this museum by chance-the best 4 € we spent. Fra Angelico's frescos are amazing-go see for yourself. Get there early to really enjoy the paintings before the hordes arrive.
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