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Location: Florence, Italy
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Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
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Cappella di Eleonora di Toledo La Storia del furto nello Studiolo di Francesco I Palazzo Vecchio Veduta Camera Verde Palazzo Vecchio Cappella Eleonora Palazzo Vecchio Salone di Cosimo

Visit the Secret Passages without queuing up!

With 3 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the Secret Passages of the Old Palace without standing in line.

With a few clicks you can see the Starway of the Duke of Athens, the Studiolo of Francesco I, the Tesoretto of Cosimo I and the trusses of the ceiling of the Salone dei Cinquecento.

Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Florence.

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IMPORTANT : If the time requested is not available, the museum will confirm a timetable different from the one you requested, but as close as possible to the one you requested.

What makes this Tour Unique?

  • Enjoy this intriguing tour inside the Old Palace
  • Admire the amazing Studiolo of Francesco I de' Medici
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time

Reduced and free tickets

Reduced/Half Ticket:

  • European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Teachers from EU public institutes (Città del Vaticano, Montecarlo, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Repubblica di San Marino, Lichtestein included) with proof of tenure.

Free Ticket:

  • Citizens under 18 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)

Service fees and eventual temporary exhibition fees are always due.



For everyone


1 hour and 15 minutes


Maximum of 12 persons accompanied by expert guides.

Disabled Visitors

The Tour of the Secret Passages is not wheelchair accessible.

General Informations

  • The main entrance to the Palace is in Via dei Gondi. For security reasons, at both entrances, visitors are asked to pass through metal detectors and eventually be checked by the municipal policemen. Security controls can slow the access to the Palace, so it is highly recommended to arrive some time before the planned schedule.
  • You must be at the Palace 15 minutes before your scheduled entrance time to redeem your tickets.
  • All the guided tours in Palazzo Vecchio need to be reserved. If you want to see the Palace by your own, you can enter through the side door, in Via dei Gondi without reservation, but at the ticket office you have to respect the line.
  • All activities for children require the presence of an adult.
  • Occasionally tours are cancelled because Palazzo Vecchio is still a functioning civic government building. In case of cancelled tours, you will be notified.
The Old Palace is located in Signoria Square - Florence.

The Starway of the Duke of Athens

The Stairway was commissioned by Gualtieri VI di Brienne (called the Duke of Athens) between 1342 and 1343 and it was built into the depths of the walls. It finishes in a tiny door opening onto Via della Ninna commissioned by the Duke as an escape from his apartments, and it was effectively used when he was expelled from the city of Florence. Now along the path there are some windows that were opened in the wall after the construction of the starway.

The Studiolo of Francesco I

It's a small room without windows that Francesco I used as a place of reflection and where he cultivated his interests in science and alchemy. Painted between 1570 and 1572 by a group of artists led by Giorgio Vasari, it's decorated with themes, dictated by Vincenzo Borghini, relating to the Four Elements and with images that allude to the materials stored inside the hidden wardrobes.

The Tesoretto of Cosimo I

Built around 1545, it had to preserve rare and precious items, personal documents, medicinal plants and other object of scientific interest. In 1559 was redecorated by Giorgio Vasari and his team of artists, with religious themes (the Four Evangelists) and the personifications of the Arts and the Muses. it represents one of the most important manifestations of the Princes' passion for collecting.

Salone dei Cinquecento

This impressive hall was built in 1494 by Simone del Pollaiolo, called "il Cronaca", and Francesco di Domenico, and it took its name from the Council of Five Hundred which met here. Among the special features of this hall, we note the ceiling trusses made between 1563 and 1565 by Giorgio Vasari and his team, with themes dictated by Vincenzo Borghini; in the 42 lacunars we recognize allegories of the neighborhoods of Florence and the domains of the Duchy, while the center is dominated by the Apotheosis of Cosimo I.

05 Oct 2015
So much in a close area. Very worthwhile to explore all the little side streets too. Finally returned after 35 years..........and looks the same.
04 Oct 2015
Can you tell I love Florence? It was so relaxing even though it's a tourist location it's just better than Rome. Did I say I could move here? I could. Love the relaxing quiet atmosphere of this place in the whole town.
04 Oct 2015
Very interesting but may be over elaborate for some tastes. Still contains some nice artworks. Long queues which caused some confusion.
03 Oct 2015
Life At Court is a fabulous (and cheap) guided tour of the Palazzo for families. It targets children up to 8, but my teenagers and I really loved it, too! You learn about the Medici family and how they lived, special things about the Palazzo, and even get to go in a "secret passage" to a costume room where the...
03 Oct 2015
Great tour of the Medici Palazzo. Was an awesome insight of how the Medicis lived 500 years ago. The art, rooms and Great Hall are amazing. Plenty of steps to climb but well worth it. Every room has a fact board in Italian and English explaining the art and what the rooms were used for. A must is to climb...
03 Oct 2015
This old fortress has interesting rooms for you to see, and the highlight would be to climb to the top of the fortress! Should do it during sunset as the view will be super awesome!
02 Oct 2015
What a history and diverse purposes that this building has endured over the centuries. The various rooms for banquets, work, maps, receiving other dignitaries and more. Neat place to visit.
01 Oct 2015
Deciding to visit this was a last minute decision and to fit it in before other planned visits, we arrived first thing thus avoiding any queues and getting to see the Palazzo when it was quiet. An amazing building with a varied and very interesting history. We spent a very enjoyable two hours here taking in the tower with its...
01 Oct 2015
Skip the queues at the Duomo and visit the tower for amazing views over Florence. Very affordable at €8 for 18-25 year olds and €10 for an adult. A short climb up some steps that were enclosed but didn't feel claustrophobic, up to two panoramic platforms with views over the whole of Florence.
29 Sep 2015
Can't say enough about Florence ! An amazing city with so many sight seeings. One of this is the Palazzo Vecchio which is located in the center of the city. So beautiful !!
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