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Location: Pisa, Italy
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Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa without queuing up!

With 3 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the Pisa Tower without standing in line.

With a few clicks you can see the famous Leaning Tower started by Bonanno Pisano that now is famous all over the world, thanks to the soft ground of this area which has made it a symbol admired by everyone.

Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to this masterpiece.
Do not waste your time, rely in us!

In our website you can find all the necessary information on how the system works, on the safety of transactions or simply on how to get more information on your past or future purchases.


If the time requested is not available, the museum will confirm a timetable different from the one you requested, but as close as possible to the one you requested.

What makes this Tour Unique?

  • See and climb the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the tower
  • Admire this UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time


It is forbidden to bring inside the Tower bags or containers of any kind which can be left at the cloakroom located at the Tourist Information Office of the APT, next to the ticket office. Cameras, movie-cameras and video-cameras are allowed.


  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed under any circustances to this visit.
  • Due to the height and the difficult path of the Tower, this visit is not recommended for people with walking difficulties, heart disorders or vertigo.


The tour lasts about 30 minutes

Important Details

  • In the form, you will be asked some basic information to conclude the transaction; the person you register as the buyer has to be present at the cashier desk in order to collect the tickets with a valid identity document.
  • On the visit day, at least 30 minutes before the entrance time SKIP THE LINE and go to the central ticket office n°2 or at the "Museum of Sinopie" cashier desk n°2 in order to change the voucher with the real tickets.
  • It is possible to cancel your reservation until 12 days before the visit having a partial refund. Cancellations requested closer or after the visit will not be accepted and no refund will be possible.
  • You can book up to 10 people at a time.
  • We recommend visitors to be punctual; no delays can be accepted with respect to the times shown on your entry ticket.
  • It is strictly forbidden to damage the stones of the tower or to leave the predefined paths.
The Tower is located in the middle of Piazza dei Miracoli - Pise.


Can you imagine how desperate was Bonanno Pisano, the architect who initiated the construction of the tower of Pisa, when he found out that his work not only wasn't perfect, but it had some defects too? Only 5 years after he started building it, he left the work unfinished, and he will never know that his tower has become one of the most famous and most visited monuments in the world!


The construction of this particular and unique bell tower of about 56 metres of height, was started in 1173 by Bonanno Pisano on a Diotisalvi's project. He left it unfinished and it took more then one century to find another architect to proceed with the edification. It was Giovanni di Simone, the next adventurer who tried to straighten the tower, but without any luck. He also left the work unfinished at the sixth floor. Tommaso Pisano was the third and the last architect who brought the work to its final end in 1319 with the addition of the seventh floor and the bell-chamber. At that time, the fame of the Leaning Tower of Pisa was already spreading all over Europe.


During the years the experts have tried several times to straighten the tower or to arrest its progressive slant, but it's proven nowadays that the tower leans, not because of an error in the process of building it, but because of the soft ground present in all the city. Later on, in Pisa have been found some other leaning buildings.

01 Sep 2015
It is not the Leaning tower alone but the complex of three structures The Bapitistry, The Cathedral and the tower together make an everlasting impression as soon as you enter the area. The Leaning tower has remained like that for centuries is remarkable and it is not even reinforced concrete construction. One thought troubled me 'how do I convince others...
31 Aug 2015
For a lot of people this will be on their bucket list and finally seeing it will not disappoint. If you travel on a bus tour beware that it is quite a walk from the bus park to the tower but it is flat ground! On a hot day there is very little shelter and there are big crowds. Unless...
31 Aug 2015
I guess that every tourist that visits Pisa comes to visit the tower. It is possible to climb the stairs to the top but it's best to book as it gets pretty busy.
31 Aug 2015
we visited Italy many time, and never I arrived to piza. this time while a stop of a cruise we had a private tour with the nice driver guide Matteo Meliani, from the Tuscany day tours. he was very patient and it felt that he loved to show piza and Florence.
31 Aug 2015
We made a quick visit to Pisa to see the Tower, we parked in a near by large free car/coach park and followed the crowd toward the tower. It was just as impressive as you would expect, naturally it was busy but we managed to get great photos. Only negative point was the amount of street sellers outside the Plaza...
31 Aug 2015
This was one of the highlight locations of my cruise. We took a shared taxi from the port €15 per head (would have cost us almost £200 doing it with Thomson excursion). The approach to the square is interesting and pretty, but it's a strange sight looking above the roof tops and seeing this tower at a completely different angle...
31 Aug 2015
Pisa is one of those places everyone should visit just once. It's a bucket list favourite. Really enjoyed our visit here. Highly recommend a visit here.
31 Aug 2015
We recently cruised on RC Vision of the Seas and stopped in first thing in the morning on advice from our private tour guide Enrico ( Turned out to be great advice. While others went straight to Florence, we were able to get in and out and take unobstructed pictures of the tower. We did not climb the tower. Our...
31 Aug 2015
Pre-booked timed tickets. , quite expensive but a once in a life time opportunity. They were allowing far more people in per slot than we expected. But no queues. The staff were quite bossy about moving you on until you got to the top. You can feel the lean.l, so it is not recommended if you have any doubts about...
31 Aug 2015
My favorite place to visit! The tower is just the way you see it in the movies. Getting to the actual Cathedral Square is not too pretty. You pass by a crappy area where you have people asking you to buy stuff. Once you pass this you see Cathedral Square....breathtaking! How three huge buildings....were built see the typical picture...
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