Private Wine Lab And Gourmet Dinner In Chianti

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Through the cellars and into the bottles he labels, beyond the vineyards lie his domain.


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You really want to understand the Tuscans' soul, wine, il vino, is what it's all about. Get your facts straight on vineyards and wine making. Skipping through the lush vineyard and nestled in an enchanting upscale Chianti vineyard lies our well-crafted Private Wine Lab and Gourmet Dinner. The experience is one of a kind, captivating, and informative. Our host invites you to join us to explore the intricacies of wine production, learn about the crushing process and indulge in rich, aged Chianti wine with your squad. While you're at it, our private sommelier will cater to you and your party's wine tasting needs to ensure an unforgettable experience. And to crown it all, we culminate with a delectable gourmet dinner coupled with a tasting of olive oil, all while enjoying the exclusivity of private transportation. With our signature Private Wine Lab and Gourmet Dinner in Chianti, everyone can come along to explore Tuscany's history and essence through its diverse range of scents and flavors. Whether you are a wine enthusiast, fond of romantic getaways, or simply happy-go-lucky, this experience is made for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A private chauffeur-driven vehicle will take you to the Chanti hills to comfortably begin your journey. Your destination is an enchanting boutique winery basked in olive groves. Here, you will meet a charming and knowledgeable expert sommelier, who will guide you through your experience. Delve into the enchanting depths of the wine cellars and delve into the rich history of the fermented beverage, including the intricate processes of production and aging. Your trusty sommelier guide will provide a plethora of insights on how the merging of various pure wines can lead to a plethora of unique combinations, allowing you to appreciate the various aromas and acidity levels. Finally, the climax of your experience is creating your own personal wine, which promises to be a delightful and fulfilling endnote. As the sun sets over the picturesque Chianti hills, indulge in a unique end to your Tuscan adventure with a private guided olive oil tasting. Alongside your loved ones, an expert will lead you through sampling premium Chianti olive oils paired with fresh bread. Savor each flavor that graces your palate, enjoying the authentic local fare that accompanies the experience. The winery restaurant presents a charming backdrop for your gastronomic journey: a lavish 5-course meal of tantalizing Tuscan cuisine. The meal features local seasonal delicacies, like cured meats (e.g. Tuscan ham, prosciutto, etc.), as well as savory cheeses paired with preserves. As part of the feast, you can expect a pasta dish, a classic entrée, and finally, a scrumptious Tuscan dessert served with dessert wine. Indulge in a truly personalized experience with our Private Wine La and Gourmet Dinner, presented exclusively to your group by specialists in Tuscan wine and olive oil. Savor unique tastings of unforgettable wine and olive oil. Get hands-on with this exclusive opportunity. Marvel at the awe-inspiring sights of the picturesque Chianti hills, and indulge in a divine, gourmet Tuscan feast. This experience is truly unparalleled when it comes to all things Tuscan! Available are also vegetarian options, but kindly let us know beforehand.

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  • Personalized excursion, exclusively for you
  • Transportation from Florence for your round-trip journey
  • Cellar guided visit for the winery
  • An expert can teach you all about the production of wine and olive oil
  • Blend your very own personal wine with our wine making experience!
  • Tuscan 5-course Gourmet tasting
  • A boutique Winery where you can sample 5 different Tuscan wines, including a typical sweet wine -
  • Tuscan Olive Oil Tasting
  • Personalized label on your exclusive wine bottle
  • Tuscan countryside's stunning vistas
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  • Thank you for informing us in advance, it is suitable for vegetarians
  • 25-Euro value
  • Special discounts online on wine and typical products
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Please note that Italy's law doesn't permit selling alcoholic beverage to teens under 18 y.o. so clients under this age will be served non-alcoholic beverages.

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