Smart Colosseum: No Frills Skip-The-Line Guided Small Group Tour

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Photos allowed
  • Priority access
  • Visit of the Colosseum

What to expect

  • Small group tour
  • Skip the line access to the Colosseum
  • Licensed English-speaking guide
  • Access to the Roman Forum

Smart Colosseum


Smart Colosseum


Smart Colosseum: no frills Skip-the-line guided small group tour

The symbol of Rome

Are you in Rome and you don't know which monument to start visiting? Are you passionate about history but have little time available? For all these and many other reasons this tour is the perfect solution for you! Save time and listen to the passionate explanation of an art historian guide.

You cannot have been to Rome and not have visited the symbolic monument of this city, known all over the world: the Colosseum.

Your guide is waiting for your small group tour directly at the Colosseum, and you’ll soon be inside thanks to the skip-the-line ticket included in the tour! This will be a top-of-the-line tour of perhaps the most famous Roman landmark, and you will be surely stunned by the magnificence of this Arena. While walking the tribune rows you’ll learn all about its origin and history, the games and the celebrations, the legends of the gladiators and their triumphs and defeats, the festivals held as a massive display of power by the emperors.

If you have extra time, this ticket will allow you to keep wandering around inside the Colosseum or maybe add your own moment of exploration and take a walk in the Roman Forum and go see from up close the outstanding set of other landmarks, buildings and ruins there, such as the temples of various emperors or the impressive Arch of Titus.


Unravel the myths surrounding ancient warriors on a premium guided tour of the Colosseum - the ultimate gladiator arena.


Hour for one


Enjoy a tour of the legendary Colosseum in Rome with our signature no-frills experience led by our expert art history licensed guide. This quintessential tour is available as a standalone experience or as an add-on to our popular "Walk of Ages" introduction walking tour. Explore one of the most iconic arenas and landmarks of ancient Rome in comfort and style with our small group tour, giving you privileged access to this historic site. Skip the lines and explore the Colosseum in the company of your guide. The Arena, which is the oldest and most well-preserved, is also one of the most frequently photographed attractions in the world. Discover the Colosseum's historical beginnings with a detailed account of its construction and founding purpose. Be awed by the grand scale of the "Roman Games" that were held in commemoration of victorious campaigns against foes and imperial splendor. Or appreciate the entertainment value of these games as a distraction during periods of famine and socio-economic struggle. Experience the thrills of legendary battles and celebrate the glories of accomplished fighters. As you're transported back in time to the Colosseum, picture yourself in the shoes of a Roman onlooker, witnessing the legendary battles of the Gladiators. Imagine the thrill of seeing savage beasts pitted against valiant heroes, all while wagering on who would emerge victorious and whose life would be on the line at the end of the day. You might even feel the rush of power as the fate of a warrior hangs by a single gesture of your thumb, either signalling life or death for the vanquished opponent. Dive into history with the unique Colosseum tour, the only one that allows you to experience the unrivaled Roman landmark in its full atmosphere and hear its anecdotes. It's a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of this landmark. If you obtain the skip the line tickets, you will be able to enter the Roman forums without any payment. Assuming you have a little spare time, you can either roam inside the Arena or take a leisurely stroll along the Roman forums. During your walk, you'll be able to view extraordinary sites such as the Arch of Titus, the Temples of Antonius Pius, Vespasian, and Saturn, in addition to numerous other stunning ruins located on the grounds of the emperor sites. If you are seeking a way to optimize your time or want an independent exploration following the comprehensive intro by our guide, our walking tour add-on option is perfect. Additionally, for those with limited time, this choice is ideal. Our Colosseum tour was absolutely amazing! We highly recommend it with a thumbs up.

Additional details

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  • Tour guide who is fluent in English and experienced in the profession
  • Get to the Colosseum and Roman Forum entrance without waiting in line
  • Local official guide
  • Entrance with priority access
  • Guided tour of the Colosseum
  • Access to the Roman Forum

Cancellation Policy

At least 48 hours’ notice is necessary for clients to get a refund or credit after cancelling their activity. Full payment will be required if you fail to attend your scheduled event.

Meeting Point

Piazza del Colosseo, 1, Rome (RM)

meet our tour leader in front of the “Arco di Costantino”, looking at the Colosseum from the short side of the arch

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

To remember

We cannot wait to welcome you to the land of authentic products and unforgettable experiences.

Please let us know in advance any special need or impaired mobility of the clients and we will do our best to accomodate them.
Shorts, big bags and liquid bottles will not be allowed inside the museums.
Even with the skip-the-line entrance, there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the museum.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to purchase the Colosseum tickets, we kindly need to receive in advance the names of all participants (accordingly to the ID card).