From Rome: Pompei And Naples, Private Luxury Day Trip With Gourmet Lunch

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A unique journey to Naples bay and the frozen Roman city of Pompeii, ancient by 2000 years, can offer a luxurious excursion. In style and comfort, join our Tour Leader for an entire day of exploring two must-see locations. All day long, refreshments and fresh water will be readily available to you, and you'll be treated to a morning pick-me-up of hot cookies and coffee by our experienced Tour Leader. You'll receive the utmost care and attention from them during your journey. Starting off at Rome, your journey will commence with the Pompeii archeological site visit. Our official guide will take you through the essential aspects of this ancient Roman city that remains undisturbed. Witness the Macellum (food market), Thermal Baths, dinner and wine congregating spots and the luxurious homes of upper-class citizens - you'll get a chance to discover their cultures and practices. Admire the stunning gulf of the Bay of Naples during a visit that comes after you've enjoyed a delicious lunch. Here, witness a grand display of beauty - one of the most breathtaking sights on offer. Enjoy a cup of Neapolitan coffee and follow a guide on a walking tour of the city center. You'll get to discover the city's charming hidden spots, taking an off the beaten path route. Finally, relax as you journey back to Rome. A cherished memory awaits after some final pampering from the tour leaders, before setting sail for the Capital city. Don't expect a run-of-the-mill experience, though. Something special awaits on this day. Depending on the amount of people and traffic, the order of visits may be altered. Please keep this in mind.

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  • Leader and driver with professional expertise
  • Rome can be reached by an A/C Minivan that is both luxurious and comfortable for a round-trip transportation.
  • Walking tour of Napoli and Pompei led by experienced guide
  • Limoncello tasting paired with a gourmet lunch of fresh seafood and wine
  • Refreshments, coffee, and water available onboard

Cancellation Policy

Any requests to cancel or reschedule must be sent exclusively through Kindly be advised that this is the only way to make changes prior to the specified deadlines mentioned below. Before the tour begins, as long as it is done within 8 days, you have the option to cancel or reschedule your booking for a group of 1 to 8 people. In the event that you happen to make a reservation for a gathering of 9 or more individuals, kindly make note that regrettably, 30% of the aggregate sum paid won't be qualified for a refund. Nevertheless, if situations change and you have to cancel your reservation, you will have the choice to get a refund of 70% or reschedule your tour within 15 days prior to the scheduled beginning day. A cancellation fee of 100% will be applied to cancellations or rescheduling made after the aforementioned deadline. Rescheduling is heavily influenced by availability.

Meeting Point

Piazza Barberini, Roma (RM)

Meet our tour leader in front of the Tritone Fountain.

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

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We cannot wait to welcome you to the land of authentic products and unforgettable experiences.

Please note that this tour is not suitable for people with impaired mobility.

Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.