Private Etna Express From Taormina/Giardini Naxos

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Approximately five and a half hours.


Revised Text: "Prepare for an unforgettable adventure out of Taormina. Trek atop one of the liveliest volcanoes in all of Europe! Your day will start effortlessly from either Taormina or Giardini Naxos and as you ascend, keep a keen eye on how the vistas transform around you. You're set to experience more than just impressive nature whilst wandering Mt Etna. Upon setting foot on the slopes of majestic Mount Etna, know that a private guide eagerly awaits to lead you down an exhilarating trekking path and up the formidable volcano. Begin your upward journey towards not one or two but seven - yes, count 'em, seven - so-named lateral craters birthed by Mother Nature herself in 1865's explosive eruption. Isn't it fascinating? These eruptions have given life to a spectacular “buttons shapes” effect; neatly aligned cones succeeding each other along the eruptive axis as if they were all buttons – perfectly lined for sowing. Set your foot into the captivating aura of the terrain, teeming with pyroclastic deposits left behind from the volcano during its explosive eruption phase. Brace yourself to encounter a remarkable stage set by scoria, lapilli and volcanic bombs. And if that doesn't leave you speechless, nature's own artwork will surely succeed. Get ready for an opportunity to marvel at splendid tree species like Betula Aetnensis — a type of birch preferably seen in North Europe but found solely on Mount Etna’s northern side in Sicily. You might be graced with awe-inspiring vistas, stretching from Calabria to Taormina on the hiking trail— given a day clear and bright enough. Footnote here, Stromboli Island occasionally comes into view too! Brace yourself for taking ample snapshots of this unique experience that's one-of-its-kind in a lifetime span. Oh also, if you check out our notes attached herewith, we've mentioned about freely renting some more gear that promises comfort throughout your trek!


  • A personal touch added with our private tours."
  • A guide, professionally trained and fluent in English. Envision a scenario where you are being whisked to and fro between dynamic Taormina and charismatic Giardini Naxos. Picture the ride taking place in a tastefully-updated, air-conditioned Mercedes minivan or minibus, implicit symbols of grandeur. If you happen to need it, we can provide equipment rental free of cost. This includes essentials such as wind jackets or Kways, walking sticks for those lengthy hikes, and even a helmet should you fancy exploring a local cavern. A leisurely stroll, guided for your assurance and convenience, up the volcanic slopes. You'll be led to tour the depths of a cave, one formed by volcanic activity.
  • A container filled with pure H2O

Private Etna Express From Taormina/Giardini Naxos

Cancellation Policy

Assuming that we go the extra mile to carry out the tours, steering clear of potentially wet conditions. Maybe this could allow us to conduct our tour using our vehicle until — and only if— the rain takes a break and road pathways can promise a safe voyage. Suppose the rain persists instead of letting up. In that case, our full tour will take place securely and cozily right here within this vehicle. Knowing full well that today's experience may not match your anticipation, we're providing several options for you. Do remember to share them with our staff during the check-in procedure. 1) First off, we have the option of proceeding with our tour despite less-than-optimal forecasts. We do this in hopes that the weather clears - ordinarily however, if heavy rain is coming down hard and fast either no activities or only a subset thereof will take place. Look, we understand weather can be variable. You can continue with the tour keeping your fingers crossed for a bright sky. But remember, there won't be any refunds or discounts if things don't clear up alright? We'll really try to ensure you have a splendid time and offer our best possible services when skies permit. An alternative, subject to availability, is rescheduling the tour for another day. Drop a line to our booking office and they'll happily check out if we can accomodate this experience reshuffle. Suppose that you're unable to find a suitable rescheduling date or time. In such a scenario, what can be done? Well, it's simple really! You are given the option of choosing any other available experience. Of course, this would depend on its availability and should have equal or lesser value as per your preference. What about an experience with higher value? Yes, that’s also there on the table if you feel like kicking things up a notch! The only extra thing is -you'll just need to pay off the difference.

Now, let's consider the third point - a provision known as 'Rain Check'. Quite aptly named, it embodies off-setting credit and sits equal to what our clients previously paid. They can redeem this at their convenience over the following days providing that there are places available. Now you might wonder what exactly is this 'Rain Check'? Well, it’s nothing but a simple voucher which we hand over to our clients. What’s more interesting? This voucher isn't attached to your name only; instead, it's transferable! Yes indeed, one has the liberty of selling or gifting this unqiuely amazing offering and guess for how long? An entire year from its date of issue! And did I mention flexibility? The value vested in these vouchers could also be utilized on any other tour provided by our stellar company.

Just so you know, when it comes to those who choose 'wet-weather riding', having the right rain gear is mandatory. The comfort and safety of our clients? That's what we prioritize above all. We strongly urge all our esteemed clients to arrive at the scheduled meeting spot a cool 15 minutes before it's time for us to set out. It's always wise, and I would recommend you do so, to have a look at the expected weather conditions and then dress or plan accordingly. And just keep in mind that if you're not there, we can't hand back those pesky refunds.

Meeting Point

Taormina: Piazza Sant' Antonio Abate / Giardini Naxos: Viale Dionisio, 12, Taormina or Giardini Naxos (Messina)

Depending on the option chosen the tour departs from:

Taormina: Piazza Sant' Antonio Abate


Giardini Naxos: Viale Dionisio, 12

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

To remember

We cannot wait to welcome you to the land of authentic products and unforgettable experiences.

Please note that the tour departs from:

Taormina: Piazza Sant' Antonio Abate


Giardini Naxos: Viale Dionisio, 12

Required: hiking shoes or good walking/sport shoes (no flip-flops!).
Strongly suggested hat and sunscreen.

We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs or with impaired mobility.

Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.