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Location: Florence, Italy
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Live the never ending love story in the modern Auditorium al Duomo, a multifaceted venue in the heart of Florence, Italy's birthplace of Opera.

Let's get carried away by the young vocal and instrumental ensemble performing some of Giuseppe Verdi's most famous masterworks and experience the unique emotions involved.



Act I

– Violetta throws a party to celebrate her recovery from tuberculosis. Gastone introduces Alfredo to her, disclosing the love felt by the young nobleman for her. Violetta laughs wryly and together they duet in the famous Libiamo to celebrate love and the night when anything can happen. Shortly after, Violetta feels ill and remains alone with Alfredo, who confesses his love for her. After some initial resistance, the two become lovers. It is dawn, the party is over and the guests leave the palace. Violetta, alone with herself, thinks on the night that has just gone. She is aware of her tragic existence and she is torn between her worries and her desire to keep her life unchanged. She understands she is actually in love with Alfredo. The Act ends with the Aria Sempre Libera.

Act II

– Alfredo and Violetta have been living for a few months in a country house. When Alfredo learns from the housemaid about the financial problems caused by their country lifestyle, he leaves for Paris to settle matters and raise some money. Meanwhile Giorgio Germont, Alfredo's father, pays Violetta an unexpected visit in order to persuade her to break off her relationship with Alfredo, saying that their love affair and her past as a courtesan are threatening his family's reputation and, particularly, his second daughter's engagement. Violetta attempts in vain to explain she wants to spend her little time remaining close by the only man who has truly loved her despite her past. Nevertheless, Germont is unyielding.

The woman, in tears, turns from his lover with an excuse and before setting off she declares her absolute love in Amami Alfredo. After a little while, Alfredo receives a letter from Violetta: she confesses she gave in to temptations and turned to Baron Douphol, the man who had looked after her in her early life. Alfredo, shocked and furious, determines to leave for Paris to claim his honor.


Paris. Flora, Violetta's friend, gives a masked ball and invites Violetta and Alfredo. She learns only later that the two lovers have separated and that Violetta will be accompanied by Baron Douphol. Amidst the entertainment and the embarrassment of the aristhocrates, Violetta and the baron arrive. Alfredo is at the gambling table and the baron joins him in a game shortly after. Alfredo keeps winning every hand. In front of the guests he offers his winnings to Violetta in payment for her services. The baron has no alternative but to challenge Alfredo to duel in order to make amends for the insult addressed to the woman.

A few months have passed by. It's carnival time. Violetta is dying. Alfredo's father sends her a letter informing that Alfredo is safe and that he knows all the truth. He and his son are going to see her. The young woman knows she only has a few hours to live and expresses all her pain in the Aria Addio del passato. Alfredo finally appears asking for her forgiveness. He suggests that they leave Paris to reach their country house, where he is sure her health will improve. Violetta feels that her strength is sinking. She offers Alfredo a portrait of her as she asks him to promise to get married. She says she will bless and watch over him and his wife from heaven. She recovers her strength for a few moments: "E' strano, in me rinasce…Io ritorno a viver…oh gioia". A moment later she stops breathing and falls into Alfredo's arms. She's dead.

What makes this Tour Unique?

  • Listen to the immortal music of Giuseppe Verdi
  • Live the magic of true love

Air conditioning-Bar-Elevator for disabled people

From Santa Maria Novella Train Station, cross the square towards Santa Maria Novella Church. Take straight on Via Panzani, the street at the corner of the Grand Hotel in Piazza dell'Unità, and walk ahead until the corner with Via Cerretani. The Auditorium will be on your left, inside Hotel Laurus.

Total time: 4 minutes by foots

Audience can pick up their tickets at the accounting desk placed at the Auditorium Entrance only on the performing days starting from 7:00 PM. Please keep and show the resevation voucher.


VIOLETTA VALERY - Giselle Baulch

FLORA/ANNINA - Roberta Tempestini

ALFREDO GERMONT - Domenico Peronace


GASTONE - Claudio Giovani

BARONE DUPHOL - Paolo Breda Bulgherini

MARCHESE/DOTTORE - Tommaso Corvaja





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