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От 12.50 plus the service charge of 5.00* Clock Tower (Venice)
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Категория: Экскурсии с гидом
Местонахождение: Венеция, Италия
Продолжительность: 1 час
Язык экскурсии:
Clock Tower (Venice) Clock Tower (Venice) Clock Tower (Venice) Clock Tower (Venice) Clock Tower (Venice)

Visit the Clock Tower without queuing up and with an expert Tour leader!

With 3 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the Clock Tower without standing in line and with the explanation of an expert Tour leader.

Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Venice.

Let yourself be carried inside this majestic tower, to discover its history, the hidden meanings of its clock and the complicated mechanisms that regulate it, with the explanation of an expert tour leader that will guide you in this little "time travel".

The Tour will last 1 hour, and will give you an high quality and entertaining introduction to this masterpiece of Venice!

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  • Visit with an expert Tour leader
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time
  • See the beautiful interior of the Clock Tower and discover all its hidden meanings

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  • Дети от 6 до 14 лет
  • Учащиеся и студенты от 15 до 25 лет
  • Опекуны групп молодежи и студентов (максимум 2)
  • Посетители старше 65 лет
  • Жители Венеции, лица рожденные в Венеции.
  • Обладатели Carta Rolling Venice
  • Посетители, которые купили билет в музеи площади Сан Марко или Museum Pass
  • Посетители, которые купили билет на Секретный маршрут в Дворец Дожей
  • Члены ICOM
  • Члены F.A.I.
  • Работники Министерства культуры и культурного наследия
  • Обладатели MUVE Friend Card

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за 10 минут до назначенного времени посещения возле входа в музей Коррера


1 час




Экскурсию проводит опытный гид

Посетители с ограниченными возможностями

Башня не доступна для инвалидов поскольку внутреннее помещение очень ограничено, на многих уровнях переход возможен только по узкой и крутой лестнице. Не рекомендуется для посетителей с клаустрофобией, боязнью высотыи с проблемами сердечнососудистой системы и болезнями дыхательного аппарата , а также беременным. Вход для детей от 6 лет.

Находится на площади Сан Марко — Венеция.


Connecting element between the square and the trade route, the building was constructed between 1496 and 1499 by Mauro Codussi and represents an innovation and a break compared to the architecture of the square. In the mid-eighteenth century were added numerous external elements by Giorgio Massari while in the mid-nineteenth century were carried out heavy internal renovations (the wooden stairs were demolished and replaced with metal stairs, the cover in lead and larch was pulled down in order to replace it with vaults and marble slabs etc...).

On the top of the tower there are two statues in bronze of two shepherds called the Moors of Venice that beat the hours on the bell; one is the "old man" who marks the hours 2 minutes before the time (to symbolize the past) and one is the "young man" who marks the hours 2 minutes later (to symbolize the future).


The decision to build a new public clock dates back to 1493 and the task was given to Gian Paolo and Gian Carlo Rainieri which inaugurated it on the tower the 1st February 1499. It has undergone several restorations the last of which ended in 2006.

The mechanism that regulates it, is really a wonder of engineering and is characterized by the procession of the Kings passing and bowing in front of the golden statue of the Virgin and the Child, preceded by the Angel Announcer who plays the trumpet, but the most extraordinary features concern the dials: on the main one, which is in gold and blue glaze, are represented the five known planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury), the moon phases and the Zodiac; on the other one, there are the hours marked in Roman numbers enclosing a blue mosaic with gold stars and, in the middle, a copper lion of St. Mark.

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