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An higher view The door for Heaven The Baptister The Dome The Piccolomini's Biblioteque

Visit the Cathedral of Siena and discover the Gate of Heaven!

Just 3 simple steps and you buy tickets and visit the Cathedral of Siena and the beautiful Gate of Heaven!

With a few clicks you can admire the artistic tresaure of the Cathedral. You can walk near the ceiling vaults, watch the famous pavement from above and enjoy a unique outlook of Siena. 

Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Siena.

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What makes this Tour Unique?

  • A walk near the frescoed ceiling of the Cathedral, watching the unique pavement from above and a marvelous outlook of the town of Siena
  • The masterpieces in the Cathedral of Siena
  • The frescoes in the Piccolomini Library

Free tickets:

  • Children under 12 years



This ticket:

  • includes the admission to the Gate of the Heaven, valid for 30 minutes
  • includes the admission to the Cathedral of Siena and the Piccolomini Library, with no time limit


.Available only for the Cathedral.

Opa dialoghi

Artworks in the crypth are some masterpiece of Italian art. Discover them put into Sienese background. 


There are two bookshops in the Cathedral complex. The museum shop and the Antica Canonica shop, inside the church. 

Pilgrim Passport

The Charta Peregrini Senensis is the only document tha certify the pilgrimage to Siena and the visit to the places of Marian devotion. 

The Cathedral of Siena is in the historical centre of Siena, in Piazza del Duomo 8

From the railway station you have to walk on Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Via Montanini and Via Banchi di Sopra; you go on Via Banchi di Sotto, in the historical centre, turn on the right on Via dei Pellegrini and finally on the left, in Via di Monna Agnese. 

The Gate of Heaven

To the sides of the Duomo façade there are two towers. On the top of them, a marvelous itinerary begins: little groups of tourists with an expert guide can walk near the frescoed ceiling of the Cathedral, watching from above the unique pavement inside, and the wonderful view outside. 
Some rooms, after an important restoration, are now open to the public, after centuries. Now you can walk on the dome gallery and admire the stained glass windows by Ulisse de Matteis, the important sculptures and the depiction of the four Siena Patron Saints. 

The Pavement

The pavement of marble pieces of the Cathedral is a unique masterpiece. Several artists, as Beccafumi, Pinturicchio, Domenico di Bartolo, worked on it from the 14th to the 18th century. They used the "graffito" technique. Now it is undercovered from August to October. 

The Cathedral

Many important artists worked in the church that now is a kind of artistic anthology of different periods. You can admire artworks by Nicola Pisano, Duccio di Buoninsegna, Michelangelo, Donatello, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Beccafumi, and many others. 

Piccolomini Library

Pope Pio II, the Sienese Enea Silvio Piccolomini, was a fine intellectual. On the Library walls, Pinturicchio's frescoes tells Pio II's life. In the cabinets are shown illuminated books from 15th and 16th century. 

The crypt and the Baptistery

The itinerary goes on in the crypt of the church: here there is a frescoed cycle of 13th century Sienese painting school. 
In the Baptistery you can appreciate artworks by Donatello, Jacopo della Quercia and Lorenzo Ghiberti

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

The itinerary ends in the museum. Here it is shown the very famous Maestà by Duccio di Buoninsegna, the sculptures by Giovanni Pisano, originally on the Cathedral façade and other important artworks by Bernini, Donatello and others. 
From here you can get on the unfinished façade of the Duomo Nuovo and admire the wonderful panorama on the town of Siena and the Tuscan country. 

An higher view The door for Heaven The Baptister The Dome The Piccolomini's Biblioteque Internal View The path for the door The path for the door The path for the door A particular view A particular view Cripta: Deposizione dalla croce The Baptister The path for the door Siena Dome
27 May 2016
This is truly a must see. Buy the OPA pass and go to the crypt, library, museum, baptistery and church all for 13 euro. We waited in no lines at all. If you are paying cash for your ticket you can use the baptistery ticket window. It seemed everyone was going to the church or museo ticket windows so there...
27 May 2016
Not as big as the Duomo in Florence but the inside is so much better - it's spectacular (The baptistery is better in Florence!).
27 May 2016
Both, outside and inside. The must see in Siena. Yawn dropping piece of architecture, fascinating exterior and so rich interior. If you have limited time, do not even think of skipping this. #1 attraction in Siena.
26 May 2016
The Cathedral is situated in the centre of the city, access is gained by walking along old narrow streets - just great. You come around the corner and there it is! Wow - it is amazing. There is a charge for different parts - well worth the fee. Must visit
26 May 2016
This Domo is beautiful with 7 different types of granite used in it's construction. When you consider when this was built, it's truly amazing both inside and out. Definitely recommend visiting if in Siena.
25 May 2016
I had a great time at this cathedral, they have a really nice museum in the basement and the view from the tower is absolutely gorgeous.
25 May 2016
This is a must see as there is so many old buildings to see in Siena , get the combined ticket to go behind the dome and out onto the roof worth the money
24 May 2016
A combination of gothic architecture and byzantine decor, this is the most spectacular cathedral I have seen in Italy. Inlaid marble floors, stained glass windows, statues and much more.
24 May 2016
There are multiple prices for the Cathedral complex, and you can indeed enjoy the outside of the cathedral itself for free - simply walk around and admire the incredible green (for it is green, though it looks black in most light) marble and the contrast with the white. It's rather incredible. We probably could not build it today, and they...
24 May 2016
It is a beautiful place but it's so annoying that you have to pay so much money for entry to these places. It was nice but I've seen much nicer cathedral and with no entry fees.
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