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Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice)

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With a few clicks you can visit this beautiful Gothic palace that houses one of the most eclectic museums of Venice, with paintings, furniture, tapestries and clothes, that reflect the various interests of its last owner Mariano Fortuny who here realized his workshop in order to study photography, scenography and much more.

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The Museum is open only during temporary exhibitions.

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  • See this beautiful Gothic palace and its eclectic collection
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Reduced and free tickets

Reduced/Half Ticket:
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  • Children from 6 to 14 years
  • Students from 15 to 25 years
  • Tour leaders (max. 2) for groups of children or students
  • Citizens over 65 years
  • Staff of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities
  • MUVE Friend Card holders
  • Holders of Rolling Venice Card
  • Youth Card holders
  • Museum Pass holders
  • Holders of Venice Card Adult and Junior
  • Passengers Freccia Trenitalia arriving to Venice/Italy
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  • COOP members
  • ARCI members
  • Members Pro Loco "Unplicard" (National Union Pro Loco of Italy - Provincial Committeeof Veneto region)
  • Italian Touring Club members
  • Holders of the card CinemaPiù of the Venice Cinema Circuit
  • Subscribed of Turin and Piedmont Museums 2013

Free Ticket:

  • Children from 0 to 5 years
  • Disabled people with escort
  • Authorized guides and interpreters accompanying groups or individual visitors
  • 1 free ticket every 15 tickets with advanced booking
  • Ordinary MUVE partners


There is one shop in the Museum where it is possible to buy works of Italian and international publishers regarding also the Museum itself.

Disabled Visitors

The Museum is completely accessible for disabled persons and it has also a specific lift and toilettes.

The Museum is located in San Marco Square - Venice.


The Museums houses an eclectic collection of paintings, textiles, photography, furniture, result of the multiple interests of the last owner from which takes its name.


Began in the mid-fifteenth century on wish of Benedetto Pesaro, the building shows elements typical of the Venetian architecture such as the arches on the ground floor, today walled up, which served as a link between outside and inside; after the Pesaro family, the palace hosted for a short period the Academy of Orfei, and then in the mid nineteenth century, it was divided into several apartments.

One of these, was occupied by the artist Mariano Fortuny who here realized his small studio, until slowly over the years, he managed to buy the entire building and make it his residence equipped with an atelier. Here Mariano dedicated himself to the study of photography, scenography and to the production of tissues and clothes in silk and velvet, helped by his wife Herniette Nigrin; he died in 1949 and left the palace to the Municipality of Venice for it to be used as a center of culture and art. The real Museum was opened in 1975 and still preserves the furnishings, the collections and the library belonged to Fortuny.

Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice) Fortuny Museum (Venice)
18 May 2016
Its a really wonderfull palace. Enjoy architecture of the big halls and use the hand mirrors to look at the ceiling.
07 Apr 2016
The last time we visited it must have been 20 years ago and the museum has changed a lot since then. If you love the artistic journey and the creation of beautiful fabric then this is a must, together with the history of their collaboration. For people who've loved the recent English costume dramas such as Mr Selfridges and Downton...
09 Mar 2016
After seeing all the crowds outside of Guggenheim and St. Marks I was ready for somewhere quiet. Look no further than Palazzo Fortuny. A great museum with fantastic art work. Was really an eye opener to see artwork from artists i'd never heard of before.
03 Mar 2016
Wonderfully curated space dimly lit with the atmosphere of a luxury early 20th century atelier. Very feminine space and magnificent Fortuny costumes and fabrics on display. Lovely Sarah Moon photographic exhibition on at the moment and other displays. Also paintings by Ida Barbarigo are showing.
29 Jan 2016
I must admit that I resisted visiting the Fortuny for many years after they changed the entrance.....(you can no longer go in via the original entrance of this wonderful old Palazzo!) It was a funky old place that spoke volumes about the wonderful Renaissance man that Fortuny was.....I loved going in and seeing his set designs, photos, fabrics and paintings......but...
26 Dec 2015
The last 2 times I visited, it was closed for renovations. Loved the building itself as visitor can go all the way to the top floor, where the staff lived once upon a time. It truly disclosed the difference between the piano nobile vs servers. The exhibitions were varied & had a good contrast, showing 19th century + contemporary together....
10 Dec 2015
The Fortuny collection gives you that ambivalent sensation : contemporary art in an ancient Venetian palazzo. Don't miss Donald Judd, Brice Marden and Robert Ryman pieces.
26 Nov 2015
I was lucky enough to catch the last few days of the wonderful Proportio Exhibition and I have never seen such a magnificently curated show in my life. The whole building is so atmospheric and the art there is world class. Miss this museum at your peril!
05 Nov 2015
Palazzo Fortuny during the Biennale was amazing . The Fortuny fabric lined the walls serving as a marvellous back drop to extrodinary pieces of art. The museum staff were very friendly and the whole three floors rejoiced our eyes, souls and hearts.
17 Oct 2015
This is another of Venice's many art museums which is worth a visit by everybody interested in culture in general and art in particular. The current exhibit - named "Proportio" - is particularly interesting as it cuts across time and space presenting a great variety of well known artists focused on a theme.
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