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Location: Florence, Italy
night view of Arnolfo Tower Palazzo Vecchio and Arnolfo Tower view from the tower tower detail ramparts

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What makes this Tour Unique?

  • the best panoramic view of Florence.
  • the ramparts.
  • the bells and the Marzocco Lion with the Lily of Florence.
  • the cell called the Alberghetto where Savonarola and Cosimo The Elder were imprisoned.

Reduced/Half Ticket:

  • European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)

Free Ticket (it is still required to pay the presale to skip the line) :

  • EU and not EU citizens under 18 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Any handicapped person accompanied by the certificate of disability and the escort

Service fees and eventual temporary exhibition fees are always due.

Visit info

The access to the tower is cancelled in case of rain and it will be limited to the ramparts. Children under 6 aren't allowed to go up to the tower. Access is allowed for a maximum of 30 people at once and it is coordinated by the security staff.


Available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
A 7 inch tablet guide with disposable headphones.

Guided Tours

Guided tours for groups are available, reservations required.

Disabled Visitors

The visit isn't suggested to people with motor disabilities, heart patients, asthmatics and people suffering from vertigo and claustrophobia.

The Arnolfo Tower is located in Palazzo Vecchio, in Piazza della Signoria, the hearth of Florence.

How to get there: 5 minutes on foot from S. M. Novella central station.


Literally towering over Florence, the 95 mt high Arnolfo Tower in Palazzo Vecchio is one of the city's unmistakable symbols.
Inside the tower a stone staircase of 223 steps leads up to the highest level, offering a magnificent view over the city.


The tower was builded in 2 times: the first one, completed in 1302 together with the oldest part of the palace, is encased in the walls: the second one, completed over the following 20 years, out overs the corbelled ramparts to give aesthetic continuity to the façade.
The tall lookout tower protected Palazzo Vecchio that had specific poltical and amministrative requirements and its government seat. The tower had to lord it over the Florentine families' private tower houses, that were ordered to be reduced to a maximum heigth of 29 mt.
Along the staircase, you met a small prison, called the Alberghetto (little pretty hotel) where, first Cosimo The Elder in 1433, before he was exiled from Florence, and then Fra' Girolamo Savonarola in 1498, waiting to be executed as an heretic in Piazza della Signoria, were imprisoned.
On the way up, you'll find 2 bell chambers, that host the bell called Martinella, to summon all the citizens, the Midday bell and the Chiming bell.
On the pinnacle is located a copy of the Marzocco lion with the Lily of Florence.
The tower preserves also a clock with the original 1667 mechanism.

night view of Arnolfo Tower Palazzo Vecchio and Arnolfo Tower view from the tower tower detail ramparts tower clock bells on top of tower courtyard view epigraph on the tower
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