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Palazzo Barberini, Via delle Quattro Fontane, Roma, RM, Italia - 3 Рецензии
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Что ожидать

  • See the magnificent collection of masterpieces of painters from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century
  • The palace architecture and decoration, typical expression of the Baroque century
  • Skip the line and don't waste your time

Триумф барокко


The National Gallery of Ancient Art in Palazzo Barberini is full of masterpieces, especially paintings from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century. Even the building architecture and decoration are a perfect example of the rich Baroque century, one of the most fruitful periods in the history of art.


The building was commissioned in 1627 by the powerful papal Barberini family, of Tuscan origins, to the architect Carlo Maderno, who unfortunately died two years later. The work was continued by the young Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in whose yard Francesco Borromini, Maderno's nephew, worked too, to whom we owe the famous spiral staircase.
The building, modeled on the sixteenth-century Villa Farnese, then underwent some changes during construction, where the gallery was initially available only on the main floor; up to the current configuration and the establishment in 1949 of the National Gallery of Ancient Art thanks to the Italian State.


The wide collection of paintings Palazzo Barberini includes paintings from the twelfth century, continues with crosses and paintings by Giotto school of the thirteenth century.
Among the works of the fifteenth century there are masterpieces of Lippi to arrive at the largest part of the collection that includes the sixteenth century, where stand out masterpieces by Raphael, Andrea del Sarto, Bronzino, Tintoretto and Caravaggio.
1600 collects works by Reni, Domenichino, Poussin, Pietro da Cortona and Gaulli. As 1700 is well represented with works by Canaletto, Batoni and Pannini.
The collection of the National Gallery of Ancient Art, originally established in 1893, is so large because it consists of several private collections, mainly that one of the Orsini family to which were added over the years that one of Torlonia and then Chigi, Hertz, Monte di Pietà and other.


Inside the gallery you can admire masterpieces such as:

  • Madonna Enthroned with Child, Filippo Lippi.
  • La Fornarina, Raphael.
  • Judith and Holofernes, Caravaggio.
  • Triumph of Divine Providence, fresco by Pietro da Cortona.

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  • Вход с приоритетным доступом
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  • Экскурсия
  • Аудио гид

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  • Граждане ЕС в возрасте от 18 до 25 лет (действительный документ, удостоверяющий личность, необходимый при въезде)

Бесплатный билет (По-прежнему требуется заплатить предпродажную дату, чтобы пропустить строку) :

  • ЕС, а не граждане ЕС моложе 18 лет (действительный документ, удостоверяющий личность, необходимый при въезде)
  • Temporary and permanent teachers of Italian public and private schools equipped with the appropriate documentation issued by MIUR
  • Любому инвалиду, сопровождаемому удостоверением инвалидности и сопровождающим


  1. The ticket is valid all day until closing time of the Gallery starting from entrance time.

  2. The entrance time written on the tickets may be subject to small changes depending on the actual availability of the Gallery.

  3. For a satisfying experience it is recommended to reserve at least 2 hours to visit the Gallery.

  4. The tickets will be sent via email within 24-48 hours after purchase (on weekdays) with instructions on how to get there and what to do to enter.

  5. We inform you that, once booked, the date and time selected are binding. Please pick up your ticket at least 15 minutes before the reserved entrance. Who does not respect the time booked will not enter. To pick up the audio guide, you need a valid ID.

  6. The Gallery has a maximum capacity of people, in some periods of the year or special days you may experience short delays or waits not dependent on the Gallery or Italy Tickets.

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"Bon pour une matinée... Très beau et intéressant."