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Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths internal avenue the mitreo Internal view of the baths

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  • See the largest imperial baths, caldarium, tepidarium and natatio, with ancient mosaics and decorations.
  • Skip the line and don't waste you time
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Reduced and free tickets

Reduced/Half Ticket:

  • European Community citizens between 18 and 25 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Teachers from EU public institutes (Città del Vaticano, Montecarlo, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Repubblica di San Marino, Lichtestein included) with proof of tenure.

Free Ticket:

  • Citizens under 18 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)

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There is a bookshop inside the complex.
Credit cards are accepted.

Disabled Visitors

The site is partially accessible to visitors with physical disabilities.

The archaeological site is located in Rome just in Viale delle Terme di Caracalla n°52. Metro: Line B Circo Massimo stop Bus: 760, 628


The Caracalla Baths are one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal complex, built during the Roman Empire.


Caracalla built the once known as Thermae Antonianae in 216 AD, in rectangular shape, typical of the imperial baths.
The building has 4 access doors on the north-east. On the central avenue of the baths are in sequence caldarium, tepidarium, frigidarium and natatio; to the side two gyms and other environments are symmetrically arranged.
A special branch of the Aqua Marcia aqueduct, Acqua Anthonys in fact, was built specifically to supply the Baths of Caracalla.
The thermal complex, restored several times over the course of the empire, was finally closed in 537 AD.


The baths in the Roman Empire were not only intended to swimming and body care, but they were places where they carried out other activities, like study and conversation maybe during the walk in the sumptuous avenues of the complex.
That's why the baths were increasingly constructed as real luxury and comfortable buildings, plenty of space. Some manuscripts found tell of huge columns and marble walls, as well as the pavement in colored oriental marble, rich mosaics, detailed decorations, painted stucco and hundreds of colossal statues and groups, were in all environments, both in the niches of the walls that in the roads, both in the most important halls and gardens.


  • The caldarium, tepidarium, frigidarium and natatio of the imperial baths.
  • Rich mosaics, stucco work and decorations.
  • Statues of the classical Roman


Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths internal avenue the mitreo Internal view of the baths detail of pavement mosaic Caracalla baths by night Aerial view of the baths the gardens Panoramic view of the baths Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths Panoramic view of the Caracalla Baths
23 May 2016
So far, I find Rome reminiscent of Vegas (sacrilegeous comment, I know).The sidewalks are crowded,it's loud and chaotic, prices are inflated...but we stumbled upon the neighbourhoods around the Giotto street and near the Terme di Caracalla and I was finally won over. The parasol pines with their checkered bark, so tall, the vines and flowers growing in walls, shades residential...
21 May 2016
Did a self tour of this. Definately worth a visit. Many amazing artefacts. Baths amazing. Located close to Centro train station. Very quiet when we visited. A good 2 hours needed.
21 May 2016
Great place to get up close and personal with the absolute massive scale of Roman construction and engineering. Is just awe inspiring. When you look at the numbers of bricks used and the vast plan of this huge complex, you realize we have nothing on the Romans. There are plenty of Pleasant grassy spaces to sit down and rest. A...
13 May 2016
A well kept secret of Rome. We had a little trouble finding this gem but it was well worth the effort. A very impressive complex that is being restored beautifully. Well maintained with immaculate gardens. This should be high on the list of ancient sites. Nowhere near as busy as Palantine or the Colosseum, and a very reasonable charge to...
13 May 2016
Interesting site to visit if you are interested in history. The ruins are massive and the information provided tells a story about luxurious baths and life around them. There is lot to be seen and there is a lot less people than in the main historic sites.
10 May 2016
An incredible site and seemingly a very well kept secret! Ruins still in incredibly good condition and surviving for two thousand years. Given the choice between returing to the queues, crowds, security gates and noise of the Colloseum or returing to the Terme di Caracalla i'd choose Caracalla every time. Incredibly, humbling, surrounded by gorgeous gardens and almost completely empty...
10 May 2016
Much less busy than Palatine Hill of the Roman Forum, the Baths of Caracalla are a fun set of ruins to explore. The price is reasonable and there is plenty to see, without getting ruin-overload.
30 Apr 2016
These remains were impressive and blissfully uncrowded. We used the audiotour, which definitely added to the experience although I think the owners are in the process of putting up signs to explain what happened in the different areas of the baths that may render the audioguide obselete in the future. Evidence of restoration is ongoing, we watched a lady working...
25 Apr 2016
Even after 2000 years, it is easily possible to realise the scale of this building. There are also some original mosaics on display. The attractive gardens are peaceful and a good place to spend some time away from the busy centre.
20 Apr 2016
Set in it's own park the Roman baths are somewhat intact and you can wander through the rooms of the ground floor where you can see the original layout of the baths and a few intact floors along with mosaic from other rooms and floors.. There are interesting plaques along the way detailing each section and giving information on usage....
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