Verrocchio and the mid XV century sculpture at the Bargello Museum

The Hall of Verrocchio and the mid XV century sculpture at the Bargello Museum hosts sculpture mostly coming from the Uffizi Gallery, the Medici and Lorraine collections among which stands out the bronze David by Verrocchio.

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Van Gogh's masterpieces in a multimedia exhibition in Florence

Van Gogh's paintings are indoubtely fascinating. But, in the multimedia exhibition held in Florence until April 12 - Van Gogh Alive. The Experience - they become a truely multi-sensory experience.

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Luxus und Eleganz im Silbermuseum

Vom 19. März bis 23. Juni präsentiert das Silbermuseum die Ausstellung ”Luxus und Eleganz. Französisches Porzellan am Hof und der Ginori Manufaktur“ und feiert das 40jährige Jubiläum seit der Eröffnung des Porzellanmuseum im Palazzo Pitti.

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Musical instruments at the Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery hosts a whole section dedicated to antique musical instruments, including instruments created by the lutist Antonio Stradivari and Bartolomeo Cristofori, the inventor of the piano.

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Summer at the Bargello 2016: two months of shows at the National Museum of the Bargello

As every year, the courtyard of the National Museum of the Bargello is back again to host the Summer festival at the Bargello, held every summer in the centuries-old courtyard of the museum among theater, dance and music.

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