Expo Milano 2015: The countdown begins

Expo Milano 2015: The countdown begins


We're almost there, missing very little at the beginning of Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition hosted in Milan from May 1 to October 31. It will be the biggest event ever organized about food and nutrition, with an exhibition area of 1.1 million square meters, more than 140 nations and international organizations involved, and over 20 million visitors expected.

Expo 2015 will be the platform for an exchange of ideas and solutions on the topic of nutrition and it will promote innovations for a sustainable future, offering also the opportunity to know and taste the best dishes of the world and discover the excellence of the food tradition and gastronomy of each country. There will also be a number of artistic and musical events, conferences, performances, workshops and exhibitions.

The central theme of the event is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", a logical thread that will cross all the events of Milano Expo, thus providing an opportunity to reflect and discuss the contradictions of our time: hunger, poor nutrition, waste of food.

An event not to be missed and a period of six months to visit Milan. So start - if you have not already done - to book your accommodation: hotel, hostel, B & B, apartments in downtown Milan or in the surroundings.

The area that will host the event, designed by internationally renowned architects, will be a show-garden with more than 12 000 trees, water features and a long canal where the buildings follow criteria of energy efficiency and sustainability.

There are four areas in which the theme of the event will be developed. The Pavilion Zero tells the story of man on Earth through his relationship with food. The Future Food District shows how technology will change the storage, distribution, production and consumption of food. In the Children Park, children can learn about the themes of the event. The Biodiversity Park will show the variety of ecosystems on the planet. And finally, at the Palazzo della Triennale, Arts & Foods will be the fifth thematic area: an exhibition that explains how the relationship between food and art has changed over the centuries.

Wine and food lovers and the merely curious can find in Milan Expo the largest restaurant in the world with 140 units of food services among real restaurants and kiosks. You can sample the cuisine of all Italian regions and that of all the participating countries, even less known specialties or even products which in Europe that are not normally allowed, as the dishes with insects from the East.

In short, it will be a big party, an opportunity of meeting and knowledge, a unique occasion to enjoy Italy and the whole world! If you don't want to miss it do not forget to book early for your accommodation in Milan. The ideal area could be in the north-west of the city, home to the Expo but, since it can also be an opportunity to learn more about Milan, it is also advisable to stay in the center and take advantage of healthy shopping in fashion streets and of some cultural visits to museums and monuments.