How to book

Book a museum, a guided tour, or an excursion with Italy Tickets is easy and safe. Just follow the few and easy instructions to buy your ticket and visit the Italian masterpieces without standing in line.

  1. Choose the museum, guided tour or excursion of your interest
  2. Click on "Book now!" to add ticket to the shopping cart and purchase it
  3. Print your ticket and skip the line

PLEASE NOTE: the purchase of tickets for the eventual exhibition is obligatory since it is placed in the museum's path, the cost of the online service includes all the operations necessary for the booking.

Procedure for Booking your Visit, Excursion or Guided Tour:

  • Choose the product to buy by selecting the DATE, the TIME and the number of TICKETS from the Booking Box at the top right that you find on every Page.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and, when you are satisfied with your program, proceed to the order form by clicking on the orange button Book Now!

PLEASE NOTE: the time can change depending on the reservation requests for that day. The museum will confirm the time closest to the one you requested. In the order form you are requested to give mandatory information to complete the transaction. Remeber to fill out carefully the e-mail address and phone number fields because they are the only means we have to contact you.

The mobile phone number is optional for Museum Tickets but it's mandatory for Guided Tours and Excursions in case we need to comunicate you some variations.

  • When you have completed the order form, select the payment method

PLEASE NOTE: The server is protected by the last update SSL system (Secure Socket Layer) and guarantees the best reliability and safety. You will be asked to enter the data related to the credit card with which you pay and then you will see a page confirming the transaction.

  • You will receive an e-mail with a complete summary of your order and within 48 working hours after receiving the order you will receive an e-mail with a voucher for each museum (pay attention to antivirus and antispam programs that may block the reception - check always the SPAM folder of your computer or mailbox).
  • At this point you have to print all the vouchers and bring them along with you. The vouchers are mandatory sheets to pick up the tickets at the museums; without showing the voucher, the museum does not permit entry.
  • The day of the visit you have to be at the museum around 15 minutes before the booking time, to exchange the voucher with the tickets.
    You don't have to stand in line, but go directly to the cash for reserved tickets or ask to museum staff.

PLEASE NOTE: for Guided Tour, Events or Excursions instead of the voucher you will receive an email containing instructions on meeting point and directions on how to get there.

Procedure for Download your Tickets:

  • Click on the button Download Tickets on the top of the page: Download Tickets
  • Follow the istructions showed on the screen filling all fields of the form with the same Name, Surname and E-mail used during your order
  • Click again on the button Login
  • Click on Download button next to each item you bought