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Reggia, Piazza della Repubblica, Venaria Reale, TO, Italia -
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  • 80,000 square meters of floor surface of the Reggia and 50 hectares of Gardens
  • an artistic and historical itinerary about the House of Savoy with a soundtrack by Brian Eno
  • you can choose your solution according to the time at your disposal

Ein wunderbares Weltkulturerbe

La Venaria Reale

La Venaria Reale is an estate near Turin built in the XVII century for the duke Carlo Emanuele II Savoia. In 1997 it was included in the World Heritage by UNESCO and now it is "a permanent cultural project".

The Reggia

It is a monumental exemple of baroque architecture and it comprises 80.000 square meters of floor surface. The permanent display, titled Theater of History and Magnificence, is dedicated to the history of the House of Savoy. Is a 2.000 meters-walk itinerary from the ground floor to the piano nobile. Visitors are guided by a music soundtrack composed by Brian Eno. It ends with Peopling the Palace an installation by Peter Greenway.

The masterpieces

The Hall of Diana by Amedeo di Castellamonte, the Great Gallery, the Church of St. Hubert, the Citroniera in the Juvarra Stables designed in the XVIII century by Filippo Juvarra, the Water Theatre at the Fountain of the Stag in the Court of Honor: these are some masterpieces from the XVII and the XVIII centuries.

The Gardens

Gardens comprise 50 hectares. They were restored before 2007 and now they put together archeological remains and contemporary artworks in a perfect balance. You can visit them by walking, or you can choose a didactic itinerary. There are also some funny alternative ways for the visit: the train Diana's Arrow, the gondolas Diana and Hercules and the Horse carriage. An exemple of contemporary artworks is the Garden of Fluid Sculptures by the contemporary art master Giuseppe Penone.

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  1. The ticket is valid all day until closing time of the Royal Palace starting from entrance time.
  2. The entrance time written on the tickets may be subject to small changes depending on the actual availability of the Royal Palace.
  3. For a satisfying experience it is recommended to reserve at least 2 hours to visit the Royal Palace and the Gardens.
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  6. The Royal Palace has a maximum capacity of people, in some periods of the year or special days you may experience short delays or waits not dependent on the Royal Palace or Italy Tickets.