Rome rediscovers the antiquity in an exhibition at the Curia of the Roman Forum

Up to 23rd February 2014, the Curia of the Roman Forum is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the rediscovery of antiquity, with a selection of 800 watercolors, drawings and paintings by the British archaeologist and self-taught artist Edward Dodwell and Simon Pomardi.

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Matisse and East suggestions on display in Rome

The influences exercised by the East on the painting of Henri Matisse are on display until June 21 at the Quirinal Stables in Rome with "Matisse Arabesque", an exhibition that brings together over a hundred works by the French artist from the major museums in the world.

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The Colosseum celebrates the opening to Christianity

The Colosseum hosts, from April 11th to September 15th, the exhibition "Constantine 313 A.D.", which celebrates the anniversary of the Edict of Toleration of 313 A.D.

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Chagall. Love and Life in Rome

Love is everywhere in the new exhibition at the Cloister of Bramante in Rome until July 26. It could not be otherwise since the protagonist is Marc Chagall, the Russian painter of Jewish origin.

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Frida Kahlo for the first time in Rome

For the first time Italy dedicates an exhibition to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The Quirinal Stables in Rome host in fact, until August 31, 167 works, including paintings and drawings that cover the entire career of the painter, starting from her relationship with the cultural and artistic movements of the time.

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