Discovering the Etruscan Tuscany

Discovering the Etruscan Tuscany


For history buffs Tuscany has a lot to offer. Starting from the ancient Etruscan civilization that occupied these lands long before the Romans, between the IX and the III century. Anthropological studies show that the Etruscans were highly developed for their time, they had a very complex society, a unique language, were great builders of roads and fervent traders.

The Etruscan civilization is one of the cultures of greater importance in Italy and in the Mediterranean. From the territories between the Arno and Tiber rivers they established themselves also in other parts of the Italian peninsula, in the Po Valley, in Emilia, Liguria, Umbria, Lazio and Campania.

Etruria was never a unitary state, but every city always maintained their independent government. The 12 major cities in Tuscany include Chiusi, Vetulonia, Volterra, Cortona, Arezzo and Fiesole.

Who wants to discover the Etruscan Tuscany will be spoiled for choice among the various paths that wind through the towns and villages that were founded by this people from Volterra to Fiesole, from Arezzo to Populonia, all good starting points to book a holiday in Tuscany.

Excavations and archaeological surveys have unearthed the remains of the necropolis, settlements, craft areas and processed materials, including ceramics and metals.

The town of Volterra for example, on the top of a spectacular and panoramic hill, is one of the oldest towns of Tuscany, where you can find numerous Roman and Etruscan remains. Volterra was a city easy to defend, being positioned right on top of a high hill, which is why it was the last Etruscan settlement to fall under the blows of the Romans. Here the walls surrounding the city date back to Etruscan times, you can visit beautiful urns, decorated sarcophagi, gold and bronze, and also the ruins of a large Roman theater.

From here you can then explore some of the major places of interest in Tuscany. It is indeed an extraordinary starting point where to stay to enjoy this ancient part of Tuscany. You can book a holiday home, a farmhouse or a Bed & Breakfast in Volterra, Pienza and Montepulciano, and then tour the whole part of Etruscan Tuscany.

In Populonia, for example, you can admire the necropolis and the ruins of the acropolis, while in Vetulonia, Saturnia, Orbetello there are many other sites of great interest. Even in the province of Siena you can find important Etruscan sites such as Chianciano Terme and Chiusi, where you can admire some of the most famous painted tombs and beautiful canopus. Remains of the Etruscan civilization can finally be found also in Arezzo and Cortona, Fiesole, Prato and some locations of the Chianti.