Accommodation in Florence: choosing the right neighborhood

In Florence each neighborhood has its own well defined characteristics. Then, in order to choose the best place to stay you should take into account everything that a district has to offer.

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Medici villas in Tuscany

The Florentine Medici family counts among its ranks bankers, politicians and even popes. Known as the most important Florentine family, they used their great power and their immense wealth to rule Florence, collect an immense artistic patrimony and build majestic villas in the entire territory of Tuscany.

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Bargello's tower and bell

Alongside the Palazzo del Bargello, between the Canto del Bargello and the corner of Via Ghibellina, we find a tower 57 meters high which indicates the position of the Palazzo del Bargello. It's the Volognana tower.

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The myth, the sacred, the portrait at the Palatine Gallery in Florence

Until August 31st, the Sala delle Nicchie in the Palatine Gallery hosts the exhibition "The Myth, the Sacred, the portrait, paintings from the repositories of the Palatine Gallery", an anthology, which houses important works of art collected thanks to the Medici family.

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How a genius works: the creative spirit of Michelangelo

From the biographical chronicles by Vasari and Condivi we know that when the creative spirit took possession of him, Michelangelo was able to work uninterrupted for several consecutive days. He could not even sleep for days, or wear the same clothes and the same shoes, never changing them. Let's discover how he worked...

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