Awakening The Duomo - Early Entrance

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Hours pass by, 2.5 of them. With the official key-bearer, you can be the first to enter the Cathedral and Brunelleschi Dome!


The glorious Duomo and green-and-white marble Baptistery of Florence are few landmarks in the world that are as stunningly beautiful as they are unique. Brunelleschi's extraordinary cupola crowns these incredible monuments, both boasting an equally captivating artistic and architectural magnificence inside and out.

Have you ever wondered what the Florence Cathedral or rooftop would look like in the early hours before visitors flood in? Seeing these monuments in the calm of daybreak is a sight no tourist would want to miss. Seeing the lights turn on, walking inside before anyone else, and meeting the individual who opens the grand door of the Duomo is an experience to imagine. Thanks to the exclusive and exceptional The Awakening tour, a small group can now have a privileged viewpoint of the Duomo and Cupola in the early morning. The doors open for your eyes only, and you can watch these two landmarks wake up and the lights turn on! This novel and spectacular tour is crafted to give you a unique experience. As the sun rises, Florence awakens and your personal guide will take you to meet the "chiavigero" in charge of unlocking the Duomo's artistic treasures. The doors creak open and you step into the dimly lit interior. As the key bearer turns on the lights, the frescoed vault comes to life, revealing a stunning 3600 square meter masterpiece painted by Vasari and Zuccari. The slow illumination of the space will leave you amazed. Before your eyes, the saints, angels, and elders of the Apocalypse animate as you admire the intricate and lively "Last Judgement" fresco. Listen to the uncanny history of the Duomo's dazzling clock, painted by Paolo Uccello, which tells time from sunset to sunrise. Follow your guide and then explore the remaining beauty of this church. Join the locals for a taste of Italy at the end of your visit. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at the historical café, where you can enjoy an espresso, cappuccino, and brioche. Climb up to Brunelleschi's famous cupola for a memorable end to your tour of the Duomo, after fueling up on breakfast. Gain entry through the exclusive Porta Canonici, reserved solely for your group. From the dome's peak, marvel at the stunning cityscape, and soak up fascinating insights into Brunelleschi's unparalleled talent, as well as his collaborators and building techniques. While you're at it, take pleasure in observing the locals of Florence, from a bird's-eye view. The Awakening tour is an experience unlike any other, a journey through the Duomo of Florence that will stay with you always. It's not just about the landmarks of Florence, it's something more profound.

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  • Small group VIP tour of the Cathedral, with exclusive access
  • Inside, be the sole person to open the doors of the daybreak.
  • Illuminate the artwork as the lights go on
  • Guide who speaks English exclusively for you
  • Bypass the queue and ascend to the summit of Brunelleschi's dome
  • Pastries, cappuccino and coffee are the Italian breakfast staples

Awakening The Duomo - Early Entrance


Awakening The Duomo - Early Entrance


Awakening The Duomo - Early Entrance

Cancellation Policy

48 hours advanced notice must be given in order for clients to receive a refund or credit for canceling their activity. The full price will be charged if you do not appear for your activity.

Meeting Point

Piazza del Duomo, Firenze (Firenze)

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
DUOMO SQUARE, meet our tour leader in front of the main entrance of Florence Cathedral.

To remember

We cannot wait to welcome you!

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

We kindly request that you factor this into your travel plans. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate any delays, no matter how brief, and we regret to inform you that failing to attend the experience will not qualify for a refund, including partial refunds.

A dress code is required to enter places of worship and selected museums. No shorts or sleeveless tops allowed. Knees and shoulders MUST be covered for both men and women. You may risk refused entry if you fail to comply with these dress requirements.
Please note that due to security reasons bulky backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the Duomo and the terraces.

Comfortable shoes suggested.
Please note the number of steps to reach the top of each monument:
Terraces: 153
Terraces + Brunelleschi's Dome: 153 + 310

We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs or with impaired mobility.

We do not recommend this visit to people with heart pathologies, or people suffering from claustrophobia or dizziness, and pregnant women.
Access to the Terrace with heels or flip flops is not recommended. In case of rain please pay the utmost attention during climbing to the Terrace.
Minors must be accompanied by their parents, parents are responsible for their children.
It is absolutely forbidden to:
- lean over or lean against the balcony railing
- cross the cordon
- stick out cell phones, cameras or other objects

Children / teens under 18 y.o. must always be accompanied by at least one adult. If this requirement is not met, we reserve the right to exclude the under age partecipant and no refund will be due.

Please note that pets are not allowed on this tour.