Supertuscan Wine Tour - Masterclass By A Wine Expert

starting from 219
  • Duration: around 6h and 30m
  • Photos
  • 3 different wine tastings of Supertuscans
  • Lunch with Tuscan specialities
  • Amazing countryside views

What to expect

  • Very small group tour
  • A wine expert at your disposal
  • Visit of 3 different wineries and vineyards
  • 3 wine tastings with the Supertuscans
  • Enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch
  • Admire the charming Chianti countryside

Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)


Wine tour with the Supertuscans (small group tour)

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Three different wineries

A tour 100% focused on wine, and not on any wine, but on the most valuable that is the Supertuscan!

For wine connoisseurs but also for simple lovers and enthusiasts, this day will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the world of Tuscan red wine. The Supertuscans are in fact red wines that deliberately do not respect the regulation of the traditional wines of this region and use the finest grapes of different taste.

You will discover these and many other curiosities by participating in this exclusive tour with a very limited number of people that will allow the sommelier at your disposal to concentrate all his attention on your questions.

On board our Minivan you will reach the Chianti hills area where you can admire a landscape dotted with vineyards and olive trees. The peculiarity of this day also lies in the fact that you will visit 3 different cellars with 3 different stories and production style, from the world-famous winery to the small boutique winery.

After the guided tour of the vineyards, in each winery you can taste the different types of Supertuscan that are produced, and at the end sit down at the table and enjoy a lunch with delicious Tuscan dishes that blend harmoniously with the accompanying wine: the perfect mix of smells and flavors of this region that will end your day.


Senses Tuscan feel with you can soul the discover – this experience unique a enjoy and try!


Hours packed six in a cluster of time


Starting from Florence, our VIP Semi-Private Wine Tour will take you on a unique journey to explore the most exceptional wines in the world. We will meander down country roads and vineyards, visit the cellars of ancient mansions, and discover innovative boutique wineries. The highlight of our journey is tasting a variety of Supertuscans. Take a glimpse behind the curtains, where the secrets and exquisite concoctions reside in the scarlet vessels. Our Supertuscan wine tour is distinct from the other exclusive wine tours in Tuscany, as it permits a rare opportunity to indulge in an intimate setting - with a maximum of only 8 people. Aboard our luxurious and modern minivan, we will take you to the Chianti region to experience the finest wines. This territory, blessed with fertile soil and favorable weather conditions, is where the perfect blend of grapes that form the well-known wines of the area were discovered. Visit the birthplace of wine and uncover the mysterious realm that surrounds it. Embark on a journey through history as you learn about the evolution of this exquisite drink. Discover the diversity of wine's many flavors by indulging in three different winery tastings. Each winery is world-renowned for its own superior Supertuscan production and guided by the discerning experience of an expert sommelier. Cutting-edge and boutique wineries are included in our private wine excursion through the renowned Chianti region of Florence. The tour showcases two world-class vineyards for wine enthusiasts to indulge in. Get acquainted with the Supertuscans, the most valuable wines of all. Discover the unique elements of a "Chianti Classico," including acidity, scent, and aroma. Gain expertise in pairing wine with food to enhance its flavors. These exceptional blends, the epitome of oenological excellence, are crafted by committed and passionate vintners and forward-thinking producers.

Info available

    Inhale the aromas of various wines and develop your palate to distinguish the subtle variations in taste.
  • Explore the heart of Tuscany and indulge in the world-renowned Supertuscans from the Chianti wine region.
  • Taste some really rich wines by taking a tour of three wineries and checking out their vineyards and wine cellars. With a Wine Expert and a small group, have a professional and unusual journey. A one-of-a-kind team trip for those who appreciate fine wine - a personal winery visit in close proximity to Florence.
  • Roundtrip transportation from Florence
  • Small group tour
  • Wine expert at disposal
  • Visit of 3 wineries with wine tasting
  • Typical Tuscan lunch

Cancellation Policy

Customers can be granted reimbursement or credit, but only if they cancel their reservation two days before the event. Not showing up for the scheduled occasion would result in having to pay the full price.

Meeting point

BOOKING OFFICE, Piazza Mentana 2red FIRENZE (opposite the Arno River)

To remember

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Please take this into consideration when arranging your travel schedule. No delay, even for a few minutes, can be tolerated and missing the experience won't entitle you to any refund, not even a partial one.

Children / teens under 18 y.o. must always be accompanied by at least one adult. If this requirement is not met, we reserve the right to exclude the under age partecipant and no refund will be due.

Please note that Italy's law doesn't permit selling alcoholic beverage to teens under 18 y.o. so clients under this age will be served non-alcoholic beverages.

Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.

We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs or with impaired mobility.

Please note that pets are not allowed on this tour.

The described itineraries may undergo slight modifications due to unforeseen operational requirements.