All Inclusive Erice & Marsala Wine And Salt Smell Small Group

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Dedicate an entire day from your Sicilian excursions to flee the island's capital, as this whole-day semi-crowded group expedition leaves Palermo with a seasoned escort for tours.


A whole of nine hours


Imagine escaping the island's capital for a day on this intimate, small-group tour from Palermo led by an expert escort. You're slated to explore Erice; it’s a medieval town perched high atop a hill. What's next? A deliciously typical Sicilian lunch and wine testing rounds off your agenda that also includes a grand scenic tour along the Salt Route in Marsala! There is no doubt that Palermo, the Sicilian epicenter, dramatically stands as one of Italy’s most buzzing metropolitan cities. Yet, after some time immersed in its electrifying vitality, you just might crave a retreat from it all! What better way could there be to achieve this than by embarking on an intimate outing with a small group departing straight from Palermo? Your destination will be the intriguing community of Erice, and the exceptional vistas at Marsala. You'll set off toward these locations aboard high-quality minivan that comes along with not just an able driver but also a knowledgeable tour leader. Our journey begins in Erice, a medieval village perched on a lofty hilltop. Here you'll discover delightful little courtyards tucked away amidst its labyrinthine lanes. Don't miss the chance to seek out various lookout points presenting views towards those distant Egadi Islands and over Trapani's sweeping cityscape down below! Walking these streets truly feels like stepping back through time, bathed as they are in an ancient aura of beauty that feels simultaneously timeless yet palpable. Naturally, when we're talking about Sicily, taking some time out for sustenance is always high up on the agenda - good food has a crucial role here after all! In this respect? Erice does not disappoint; it lays claim to offering folks the mouthwatering experience of sinking their teeth into one local Sicilian grab-and-go delicacy – granita! Fear not, that won't be the only delectable experience of the day. Our next stop promises time to relish a traditional Sicilian feast midday and sample local wine varieties. You'll also get an opportunity to appreciate the unique flavour of olive oil during lunch — this region is renowned for it.

Departing from Erice, you'll journey onward along Sicily's western coastline heading for Marsala. This town is renowned for its delectable sweet wines and intriguing salt mills road, endearingly known as the Saline. As you traverse this mesmerizing terrain, behold towering windmills of old and traditional salt basins still very much in service today. Spanning 30km, this route arguably ranks among Italy's most visually stunning. Step outside your vehicle to truly immerse yourself - feel an almost tangible coating of briny sea mist in the air! After basking in this entirely singular experience soaked with charm aplenty, prepare to return to Palermo.


    Expect to be whisked in and out of Palermo, traveling with style and luxury aboard a fancy Mercedes minivan or a cozy minibus. You'll be accompanied by a skilled driver cum tour leader, who's quite fluent in English. Imagine you're touring the area of Erice, tasting its famous granita as a memorable bonus. Rewritten Sample Text: "Take a tour and pop by the saline in Marsala — but only outside though!
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All Inclusive Erice & Marsala Wine And Salt Smell Small Group


All Inclusive Erice & Marsala Wine And Salt Smell Small Group


All Inclusive Erice & Marsala Wine And Salt Smell Small Group


All Inclusive Erice & Marsala Wine And Salt Smell Small Group

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