Best Of Palermo Bike Tour With Granita Stop

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Three long hours.


We've got so much to see in this vibrant urban space, all while luxuriating in a delightful cycling tour! You'll be served an indispensable historical glimpse of Palermo by our seasoned guide. Perhaps not surprising due to its lengthy chronological tapestry, but Palermo boasts truly singular artistic and architectural treasures that might tickle your senses. As you pedal through its streets, you would grasp the multifold blend of Palermo's architecture ambience and cultural aura. Dive into the engaging history of Palermo, where contributions from Arabic, Norman and Byzantine empires are woven seamlessly together. The symbol of the city awaits you; it's none other than its cathedral! With a rich lineage dating back centuries, this church stands as one of the oldest in our world. Also on your eclectic journey is the Martorana Church visitation— a fascinating mishmash of architectural features bearing heavy influences from both Arabs and Normans alike. Your guide, by the way, will whisk you past Palazzo dei Normanni. This grand edifice is home to a real gem - the jaw-droppingly beautiful Palatine Chapel with its many Byzantine mosaics. Picture this - after a strenuous cycle, you rest your weary legs. You draw in great lungfuls of fresh air and prepare to savour the tantalising delights of an authentic Sicilian granita from a quaint little shop. And if you're sitting there, envisaging that granitas are nothing more than fruit-flavoured crushed ice to provide sweet solace against the merciless blaze of the sun, then oh buddy! The real Sicilian version has yet to tickle your taste-buds. Let's chat about a semi-frozen delicacy, crafted simply with sugar and water. Once this is done, flavourings are stirred in for that paradisiacal taste. Now the variety you'll encounter on Sicily does have coarser texture when compared to what's served up over on mainland Italy. Savouring it offers yet another means of immersing yourself more fully into the rich weave of stories spun across Sicily.


    What you'll get is a certified guide, well-versed in English language. You'll be able to take in all the major sites within UNESCO's city center–though, I should mention we will only be viewing from outside. \"Renting of Bicycle and Head Protection Gear\"
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  • Just imagine you're able to taste a tempting Sicilian Granita.

Best Of Palermo Bike Tour With Granita Stop


Best Of Palermo Bike Tour With Granita Stop


Best Of Palermo Bike Tour With Granita Stop

Cancellation Policy

    Regardless of glistening sun beams or pouring rain, the tour continues. However, for specific circumstances pulsating below, please cast your eyes and consider. Rest assured, no rain will ever cause a cancellation of the tour. Our intention is to carry on with the bike tour. And yet, if we're faced with a downpour you wouldn't believe, riding might turn into walking real quick. We could just start off with a footslog if it looks like Mother Nature's not particularly fond of our cycling plans at the meet-up point. Now suppose that fortunate change chances upon us and weather turns in our favor during the tour, well, there'll be no stopping us from hopping back onto those bikes - whenever doable! Curated alternatives for guests on a day of rain: One option available to you is to head on with the tour, keeping an eye out for better weather. However, be aware that refunds or discounts will not apply if rain hinders bike usage or shortens your cycling journey. You can trust us when we say - we'll make every effort possible to put you on a two-wheel ride while taking account of weather conditions. 2) Offering a rain check, which holds the exact monetary value originally paid by you for use on a subsequent day or any other time per availability. The provision of this voucher is decided upon us to you and it can be swapped, sold, or handed over to someone else for future usage within a year from its issuance date. Notably, this has an equivalent cash value that could potentially be applied towards any other excursion arranged via our company.
    Do be aware that we place the highest priority on our clients' safety and coziness. As such, guests who are considering a 'ride in possible rain' will have to ensure they've got proper rain equipment—no exceptions.

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Via Volturno 44, Palermo

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Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

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We cannot wait to welcome you to the land of authentic products and unforgettable experiences.

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Please note, we do not visit the inside of monuments and museums.

We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs or with impaired mobility.