Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour

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It took 3 hours to complete the task.

Even with its 8 UNESCO sites, Palermo is a captivating and enthralling city, filled to the brim with cultural and historical gems.


Palermo, an enchanting city, brims with numerous captivating cultural and historical gems, a staggering 8 of which have been bestowed the prestigious UNESCO status. Opting for this intimate small group tour ensures that you can revel in the splendor of the finest attractions, while also indulging in a delectable local interlude. This three-hour sojourn acquaints you with the essence of the city center's unmissable sights (from the outside), traversing through a tapestry of architectural styles, ranging from Baroque to Normann-Arabic influences. Along the way, you will encounter notable landmarks like Piazza Pretoria (Praetorian Square), affectionately dubbed as the "Square of Shame" by the locals. The astonishing marble fountain that graces this square is truly remarkable. It not only captivates the eyes but also lends its name to the square, owing to the alluring nudity of its statues. In this very plaza, you will find the Praetorian Palace, which also serves as the dwelling place of the Town Hall. Keep a keen eye out, for you might catch a glimpse of the esteemed mayor of Palermo! This grand structure was erected during the 14th century and underwent renovations during the 19th century. Your exploration of culture and history will be enhanced by your admiration of the Royal Palace, now home to the Regional Parliament of Sicily, otherwise known as Palazzo dei Normanni. Once upon a time, after the Normans triumphed over Sicily in 1072, this palace reigned as the primary abode of kings. In the year 1132, the noble King Roger II made a splendid addition to his kingdom's grandeur. He commissioned the creation of the Palatine Chapel, a place of worship and beauty. This remarkable chapel stands adorned with one-of-a-kind golden mosaics, adding an element of uniqueness to its already majestic presence. While exploring the enchanting city of Palermo, it is crucial not to overlook the profound religious importance it holds. Hence, we have decided to include visits to some significant religious sites in our itinerary. One such remarkable place is the Martorana Church, renowned globally for its exquisite beauty and grandeur. Interestingly, an Arabic traveler who had the privilege of setting foot inside the Martorana back in 1184, bestowed upon this Christian sanctuary the title of "the most beautiful monument in the world." This captivating epithet succinctly captures the essence of what we would like to convey about this extraordinary location. We cannot miss out on visiting the grand Cathedral of Palermo, which is an extraordinary testament to the fusion of various architectural styles. From its Muslim origins to the influence of the Normans and ultimately its conversion to Christianity, this cathedral showcases a remarkable layering of different cultural influences. Now, if you find yourself wondering whether this immersive exploration of culture and history will leave you feeling peckish, fear not! Our small group will be treated to a delectable Sicilian cannolo or refreshing granita, ensuring that we satisfy our appetites along the way.


  • Guide who speaks English and is licensed
  • Tour
  • Walking
  • Experience the city by viewing its main monuments
  • The Cathedral's entrance
  • Cannolo, a typical Sicilian

Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour

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