Duomo Sky Walk - Palermo Heaven

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Considerably two and a half hours.

Dive deep into Palermo's vibrant history and stunning architectural feats. Our intriguing journey, you see, it marries a trip to the likes of Palermo Cathedral and soothing Santa Caterina Monastery with an exquisite walking expedition through the city’s most famed-landmarks.


It's in the Palermo Cathedral that your adventure starts. A Norman architecture marvel, this behemoth has been a symbol of the complex cultural fabric and unwavering faith of the city for countless generations. You're led by an astute professional guide who enables you to embark on a thorough expedition - both interiorly and exteriorly - tracing every corner, crevice, archway and Iconography of this grand cathedral. In a minute, you'll find yourself smack dab in the middle of an atmosphere that's pretty chock-full with sacredness and history. Why not cast your eyes upwards to those mind-blowingly high ceilings? They seem like they're reaching for the heavens! Now check out those walls - covered head to toe in priceless marble and painstakingly crafted inlays. Look around at all these frescoes dressing up every available space; they narrate tales of faithfulness, dedication—altogether showing religious heritage merged with artistic brilliance peppering each nook and cranny of this stately construction. Further on, you'll end up at Piazza Bellini. A delightful destination that houses two architectural masterpieces- the radiant Martorana and San Cataldo churches. Trust me; you'd be thoroughly impressed even with just an exterior view of these structures. Then roll into Piazza Pretoria's electric vibe – a spot famously known for its "Shame Square" fountain, thanks to the nude sculptures that adorn it. Next up on our expedition, we've got Quattro Canti lined up. Gloriously bedecked, this junction is symbolic of Palermo's grandeur. Just before we march ahead to fill your senses with the image of Santa Caterina church, there's an opportunity for a quick pit-stop. And it ain't just any stop - you get to savour Sicilian delights that mesmerize anyone landing a foot here! You can opt either for tongue-tingling granita or drool over some lip-smacking cannolo. Your call. Now, our tour reaches its dazzling crescendo. We're headed to the little-known treasure nestled in downtown - the Church and Monastero of Santa Caterina D' Alessandria. Truly though, it's a beauty tucked away right at city's heart! Perhaps more importantly, an aura of serenity and pure reverence awaits you inside this hallowed site that waits patiently for discovery amidst the city’s pulsating rhythm. As you're standing there, the soaring Gothic arches and vaulted ceilings above will certainly draw your eyes upward in pure fascination. The inside of this magnificent venue is undeniably an explosion of intricate details. With stories relating to faith and virtue delicately portrayed through frescoes 'n decorations, sheer awe-struck wonder fills ya up. And trust me when I say this, their altars and side chapels ain't any less! Loaded with statues 'n freakin' artistic pieces they'll definitely snag your attention real tight. The grand finale to your tour will occur when you ascend the monastery terraces. You'll be lined up for a spectacular bird's eye panorama of the city sprawled beautifully beneath you, offering a rare moment that vividly juxtaposes sacredness with urban living. Consider seizing the beauty of this position to capture some unique snaps. Imagine their wonder when you get back and share these with your dear ones! Come along, be a part of an out-lasting journey where we dive deep into Palermo's vibrant cultural and architectural past. As we discover this city’s compelling hidden treasures together, unforgettable memories're gonna get woven.

Cancellation Policy

Customers will no doubt be handed a full reimbursement or credit if they decide to withdraw their participation provided it's done at least two days ahead of schedule. In the event you are unexpectedly absent for your scheduled activity, please note that we'll be left with no choice but to bill you for the full price.

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Via Vittorio Emanuele, 494, Palermo

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 494. Look for our tour guide in front of Bar Marocco

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A dress code is required to enter places of worship and selected museums. No shorts or sleeveless tops allowed. Knees and shoulders MUST be covered for both men and women. You may risk refused entry if you fail to comply with these dress requirements.
Please note that due to security reasons bulky backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the Duomo and the terraces.

Comfortable shoes suggested.