Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour

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A span of three hours

Discover Sicily's grandeur on this guided tour! Marvel at two unmissable sights in the capital city - Cappella Palatina and Palazzo dei Normanni. Entrance tickets are a part of it, folks!


Bloated with over eight centuries of history, this place is tailor-made for culture enthusiasts! Among Palermo's myriad astonishing attractions resides the unmissable Palazzo dei Normanni. This palace wears its title as Sicily's royal seat in its past life - and stands out among other European historical sites as the oldest royal dwelling. As you explore these hallowed halls, it unveils an immersive history lesson about all the fabled dynasties who claimed their thrones here at some point in time. Plus, there lies a breathtakingly beautiful charterhouse just begging to be glimpsed. Steeped in a deep history, Palermo beckons one with its majestic edifices; the most emblematic being none other than the Palazzo dei Normanni (The Norman Palace). Bearing witness to bygone eras, this palace's construction had commenced during the 9th century under Islamic dominion over Sicily. Yet not much later did it undergo significant refurbishment in 1072 as European territories witnessed sweeping Norman advances. Fast-forwarding to present times, interestingly enough, Sicily’s Parliament seats itself snugly within these ancient walls. When you climb up to the second level of the palace, a particularly intriguing gem reveals itself. And though it may be less famous than Rome's Sistine Chapel or Milan's Santa Maria del Grazie, let there be no doubt - Italy’s Cappella Palatina (or Palatine Chapel) is magnificent in its own right. Constructed way back in 1140, this chapel offers us a fascinating window into the scientific advancements, artistic expressions and philosophic ideas that epitomized Western and Middle Eastern cultures during that era. You and your guide, become submerged in the ambiance of those traditional Islamic designs—the Byzantine mosaics emphasized by golden decorations. Yes indeed, this place is considered as a perfect illustration of Arab-Norman-Byzantine architecture. Your tickets, not solely granting you admittance to the grand palace and spiritual chapel, also offer access to the quaint gardens – all ably guided by your knowledgeable expert. The tour lasts a good 1.5 hours - plenty of time for an ample appreciation of this magnificent historic edifice. Afterward? Spend your day leisurely sauntering through Palermo's old-time city centre.


  • A guide with fluency in English and a valid license is provided.
  • Access to PALAZZO DEI NORMANNI COMPLEX, including a guided tour of the Palace, Gardens and Cappella Palatina is packaged in the ticket.

Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour


Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour

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Meeting Point

Piazza del Parlamento 1, Palermo

Look for our tour guide in front of Palazzo dei Normanni main entrance!

To remember

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Please note: Palazzo dei Normani is a government venue. In case of official events or meetings the tour might be closed.

On some days visit of the Royal Apartments will also be included.

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