Private Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour

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Three long hours passed.


Think about Palermo; a city oozing with charm, laden with countless cultural and historical jewels, hosting as many as eight UNESCO sites no less. Opt for our private tour and bask in the splendour of its top attractions all whilst indulging in tasty local cuisine! This three-hour venture escorts you to exterior viewings of mandatory stops scattered throughout the city centre. From Baroque to Normann-Arab style architecture, it's an eclectic mix that'll blow your mind! We'll whisk you off across noteworthy locations like Piazza Pretoria or what we locals saucily dub 'Square of Shame. Take a gander at this magnificently enormous marble fountain that demands admiration, situated right in the heart of this square. It has lent its name to the place itself, curiously enough 'cause of the bare-naked form displayed by its carved figures. Perhaps you'll catch a glimpse of the mayor amid your sightseeing as the Town Hall is nested in the heralded Praetorian Palace right here on this plaza! This splendid edifice dates back to all way to the 14th century, later resurrected and spruced up during Victorian times. Alongside, spicing up your cultural and historical knowledge stands another marvel - The Royal Palace – or how it's known locally: Palazzo dei Normanni. Now serving its duty as Sicily’s Regional Parliament, it dons opulence rooted in a rich saga from 1072 when triumphant Normans set foot on Sicilian soil; This grandiose structure has ever since been home for their reigning monarchs. Venturing back to the year 1132, we notice King Roger II enhancing his realm with the splendid Palatine Chapel which flaunts unparalleled golden mosaics. The religious significance of Palermo is undeniably an encounter one can't overlook when visiting, so naturally it finds a spot in our snug lil' group itinerary, featuring not just any but a globally-renowned entity - the Martorana Church. No ordinary place of worship this; braces your heart for its grandeur and aesthetic allure! A chap from Arabia had his breath taken away by its beauty during his visit back in 1184 and christened the Christian prayer house as none less than 'the most beautiful monument worldwide'. Isn't that alone enough to sum up what anyone else could’ve narrated about it? Another critical stop on our journey, you shouldn't miss out the exploration of Palermo's Cathedral. A shining showcase of layered styles - it dances from Muslim to Norman and then onto Christian reconversion. I venture a guess that all this sightseeing will stir up quite an appetite? Fret not... We've thought about that too! Another significant halt is included for our intimate group where we shall indulge in a delectable Sicilian cannolo!


    Secure the service of a licensed, English-speaking guide! Stroll around for a tour. Take a gander at all the city's principal landmarks.
  • Gateway to the Majestic Cathedral
  • Your average Cannolo from Sicily.

Private Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour


Private Best Of Palermo - The Unesco Sites Walking Tour

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