Private Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour

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Embark on an unforgettable journey by visiting two non-negotiable landmarks in the capital of Sicily. Introducing this curated tour, showcasing the Norman Palace and its breathtakingly beautiful Cappella Palatina - entry tickets are part of your package! If a culture-fueled exploration is what you're after, these 800-years-old historic symbols could be just perfect! In the remarkable city of Palermo, one timeless wonder just cannot go unnoticed in your journey—the splendid Palazzo dei Normanni. This palace has the prestige of having been home to Sicilian royalty and holds the title as Europe's most enduring royal abode. You get an opportunity here, rare indeed, to dive into vast tales of grandeur by countless dynasties who have reigned from this very seat—while marveling at a truly divine channel. Whenever we talk about a city soaked in history, Palermo often pops up on the list for its vivid historical tapestry. A remarkable example is the Norman Palace—or as locals call it, Palazzo dei Normanni— which serves as an unequivocal window to bygone eras. The construction oozed into being back in the 9th century; that was during Sicily's era of Islamic rule. Astonishing juxtaposition appears when you learn that a significant facelift landed upon this old palace around 1072—a time when all horizons of Europe echoed with the powerful footsteps of Norman expansion. Today, this place houses the Sicilian Parliament. When you saunter up to the second floor of Palace, there lies a stunning marvel in your tour that's seldom whispered about but never-rivaled by - not even Rome’s Sistine Chapel or Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan can contest it. Yes, I'm hinting at none other than the Cappella Palatina or as some fondly call it - the 'Palatine Chapel'. One of Italy's finest and most spellbinding architectural jewels tracing back its origin from around 1140 A.D! The chapel peels off insights into arts' dalliance with science, shedding light onto Western and Middle Eastern cultures reigning supreme at that era. Together with your guide, immerse yourself in the splendor of traditional Islamic designs intermingling with Byzantine mosaics and opulent golden accents. Experience one of the supreme representations where Arab, Norman and Byzantine styles converge. Observe that your tickets not only pave the way to explore the chapel plus palace, yet you personally can wander through smaller gardens with a pro tour guide. Seeing how the trip is an hour and half in length, time abounds for soaking up this breathtaking historic structure before you scoot off 'n meander about Palermo's old city center during day remainder.


    A guide who's fully licensed to converse in English. You'll have the chance to grab a ticket and engage in an enlightening guided tour of the resplendent PALAZZO DEI NORMANNI COMPLEX. This includes an exploration of the stunning Palace, phenomenal Gardens, and captivating Cappella Palatina.

Private Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour


Private Palazzo Dei Normanni & Cappella Palatina Guided Tour

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Meeting Point

Piazza del Parlamento 1, Palermo

Look for our tour guide in front of Palazzo dei Normanni main entrance!

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Please note: Palazzo dei Normani is a government venue. In case of official events or meetings the tour might be closed.
On some days visit of the Royal Apartments will also be included.