Private Pizza & Gelato Cooking Class In Palermo

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Three and a half hours


Embrace the art of making Pizza and Gelato, just as Italians do! Why not join our invigorating afternoon or lively evening class? Our skilled chefs stand ready to impart knowledge about the rich historical background behind these glorious culinary masterpieces from Italy! Get ready to bake pizza like a pro, led by our expert pizzaiolo. You're about to learn the secrets of creating a yeast dough that's so soft and stretchy, it thins down nearly paper-like. And there's even a trick for producing tomato sauce that’s bustling with full flavor yet remarkably light on your tongue. Even though you'll be baking this gourmet masterpiece using your own oven at home- these techniques are universal! Employing them will truly make all difference in yielding an incredible pizza. With the assistance of a skilled pizza maker, you get to create your very own tasty slice 'o pie! We're talkin' about stretching it out smooth, ladling on some sauce and then frizzling it up in the oven. Cut into delectable slices thereafter. The result? Quite possibly the finest pizza ya ever did sample; made by none other guessed it - yourself! So why not swing by Florence for an unforgettable pizza crafting experience? While giving your dough a nice respite, 'bout time for you to gain some intriguing and fresh skills— how about whipping up some authentic gelato? With exceptional insights from your lively chef, explore the backstory of Italy's cherished ice cream! Identify those raw materials used and unearth their finest sources. Watch with rapt attention as the culinary maestro demonstrates how to concoct that delightful mix; it will sure get your taste buds tingling when chocolate melds into cream luxuriously. Ain't any day better than this one to lay hands on what makes our globally adored dessert so irresistible! Once you return home, a digital recipe book will gear you up to prepare meals for your pals. This engaging endeavor is heartily endorsed for families with a keen interest in introducing their little ones to the richness of Italian culture. An effortlessly enjoyable memory-maker that they're bound remember, cradle-to-the-grave.


  • Local culinary experts who are professional to the core
  • You will participate in a hands-on cooking class where we'll be putting our own spin on pizza making- starting from the basics, scratch!
  • A Gelato creation exhibit
  • Every single component required for crafting pizza and whipping up gelato.
  • Making good use of cooking apron and other kitchen tools. You'll grab a bite for lunch or perhaps dinner, sippin' on some wine. For the little ones, we've got soft drinks!
  • Completion Certificate For Your Graduation
  • An electronic booklet brimming with recipes!

Private Pizza & Gelato Cooking Class In Palermo

Cancellation Policy

In the event that an activity is cancelled by patrons and such cancellation occurs at minimum 48 hours ahead of time, the clients will be given a full refund or credit. Fail to appear for the event planned, and you'll be on the line for the entire cost.

Meeting Point

Via Volturno 44, Palermo

Our staff will wait for you at Towns of Italy Hub!

Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

To remember

We cannot wait to welcome you to the land of authentic products and unforgettable experiences.

Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.


Please let us know in advance any special need or impaired mobility of the clients and we will do our best to accomodate them.