Cinque Terre Discovery With Seafood Lunch

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Exploring one of the most breathtaking coastal regions around the world was an unforgettable day!


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A Semi Private experience like no other awaits at the renowned Cinque Terre. Follow your personal guide to a enchanting location where the earth and ocean converge. Off-the-beaten track, you will explore the hidden gems and unique charisma of Cinque Terre during our Florence day-trip. Taste the freshness of the sea with a mouthwatering seafood lunch, relish the traditional flavors of ancient cuisine and indulge in the aromas of exquisite wines. Nestled among the world's most stunning coastal landscapes lie the five charming fishing hamlets of le Cinque Terre, each built with thoughtful ingenuity. Designated a Unesco World Heritage site in 1997, these villages remain a picturesque paradise reminiscent of a seaside garden of Eden. Lay back and indulge in scenic views while traveling in our cozy minivan that offers unparalleled comfort. On the journey, take in the mesmerizing scenery of serpentine tracks etched on breathtaking seaside cliffs. A 19th-century railway track that passes through a string of seaside tunnels provides relief to those seeking respite while traveling from one coastal village to another. From your knowledgeable guide, discover the exceptional qualities and extensive history of Cinque Terre. The intricate array of gardens and fields are carved into steeply terraced cliffs, which have been molded and constructed with care across almost two thousand years. So remarkable are these artificial formations that they have been compared to the splendid Great Wall of China due to the extensive "muretti" or low stone walls employed. The alluring villages of Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Monterosso also add to the unique appeal of this location. Founded in the 8th century by Greek settlers escaping persecution in Byzantium, these villages are situated overlooking the sparklingly clear waters of the sea. Explore the fascinating villages by boat, train or on foot after you lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery and take a hike on the famous trails, including Via dell'Amore (see notes).

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  • A typical lunch featuring fresh seafood and Cinque Terre wine is waiting for you to indulge in
  • Through vineyards, a light hiking trail provides stunning coastal vistas
  • The sea provides the ideal vantage point to snap some of wondrous photographs of the colorful and scenic Cinque Terre on this exceptional boat excursion.

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