Siena Baptistery Tickets (included in the Opa Si Pass)

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  • Validity: 3 days
  • Mobile Ticket
  • Priority access
  • Photos without flash
  • Videoguide on Tablet available

What to expect

  • Use the reserved access to the Baptistery and avoid long queues
  • Admire the famous fifteenth-century Baptismal Font
  • Discover a very precious environment with an extraordinary cycle of frescoes
  • Once entered, spend inside the Baptistery all the time you want

A Baptistery-Crypt to be discovered

The Siena Baptistery is included in the Opa Si Pass which also includes the Cathedral and its pavement, the Piccolomini Library, the Opera Museum, the Crypt, the Oratory of St Bernardino.

Almost definable a crypt for its location below the spans of the Siena Cathedral, this wonderful rectangular Baptistery is a fourteenth-century work by Camaino di Crescentino.

The simple geometric white marble facade doesn’t announce anything about the brightness and preciousness of the colors that will surprise you inside; indeed you will remain open-mouthed in front of the marvelous fifteenth-century cycle of paintings that completely decorate the vaults in the typical style of the Sienese Renaissance. From the beautiful Apostles by Agostino di Marsiglio, to the twelve Articles of the Creed painted by Lorenzo di Pietro called Vecchietta, which also realized the Annunciation, the Flagellation of Christ and the Way to Calvary.

The protagonist of this environment is not only painting but also the Renaissance sculpture that finds its full expression in the hexagonal fifteenth-century Baptismal Font placed in the middle; at this masterpiece, decorated with the Stories of John the Baptist, there worked famous names like Jacopo della Quercia author of the panel with the Announcement to Zacharias about the birth of John, the two Sienese goldsmiths Turino di Sano and his son Giovanni di Turino, Lorenzo Ghiberti author of the wonderful Capture of the Baptist and the Baptism of Christ, and finally Donatello author of the the remarkable episode with the Banquet of Herod where it finds its highest expression the stiacciato technique, which allows the artist to represent figures on different plans of action.

A treasure chest that contains masterpieces of the Renaissance art, where painting and sculpture coexist in order to make this environment unique in the world.

What is included

  • Entrance with priority access
  • Ticket valid 3 days
  • Reservation fees
  • Access to temporary exhibitions
  • Access to all the sites of the Duomo of Siena Complex

What is not included

  • Guided tour
  • Videoguide on Tablet

Available options

The following options can be purchased in addition to the tickets in the guided booking on this website.

  • Videoguide on Tablet: available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish

Price reductions

Free Ticket (it is still required to pay the presale to skip the line) :

  • Children up to 6 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Disabled persons and their escort

To remember

  1. The ticket is valid 3 days starting from the time of issue.

  2. Each monument of the complex observes its particular opening hours, which may vary for activities related to the liturgy.

  3. For a satisfying experience it is recommended to reserve at least 1 hour to visit the Baptistery.

  4. The tickets will be sent via email within 24-48 hours after purchase (on weekdays) with instructions on how to get there and what to do to enter.

  5. We inform you that, once booked, the date and time selected are binding. Please pick up your ticket at least 15 minutes before the reserved entrance. Who does not respect the time booked will not enter. To pick up the tablet, you need a valid ID.

  6. The Baptistery has a maximum capacity of people, in some periods of the year or special days you may experience short delays or waits not dependent on the Baptistery or Italy Tickets.

  7. The Siena Baptistery is included in the Opa Si Pass which also includes the Cathedral and its pavement, the Piccolomini Library, the Opera Museum, the Crypt, the Oratory of St Bernardino