Crypt of Siena Cathedral Tickets (included in the Opa Si Pass)

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  • Validity: 3 days
  • Mobile Ticket
  • Priority access
  • Photos without flash
  • Videoguide on Tablet available

What to expect

  • Use the reserved access to the Crypt of the Cathedral and avoid long queues
  • Admire a cycle of thirteenth-century frescoes perfectly preserved
  • Discover the hidden spaces underneath the floor of the Cathedral
  • Once entered, spend inside the Crypt all the time you want

An extraordinary cycle of frescoes

The Siena Crypt is included in the Opa Si Pass which also includes the Cathedral and its pavement, the Piccolomini Library, the Opera Museum, the Baptistery, the Oratory of St Bernardino.

Let yourself be transported into the mysterious underground of the Siena Cathedral and instead of bare and dark places, you will literally remain breathless in front of the scenery that you will find: the wonderful Crypt.

We have to thank the works and excavations of 1999 if today we can admire with our eyes this amazing environment remained hidden for centuries, where time seems to stand still; in fact the protagonists of the place are the color, the vibrancy, intensity and brightness remained intact and that will make you incredulous about how the whole painting cycle has been able to remain unchanged all this time.

The thirteenth-century frescoes are realized by great exponents of the Sienese painting of that time like Guido da Siena, Guido di Graziano, Dietisalvi di Speme and Rinaldo da Siena and they cover both the walls and columns, pillars, capitals and corbels and depict Old and New Testament stories; wonderful masterpieces are represented by the episodes of the Crucifixion, the Descent from the Cross and the Deposition in the Sepulchre.

The path will also let you to admire other underground areas of the XII-XIV centuries which allow to deepen the study of the construction phases of the Cathedral and that make visible the foundations of the ancient apse and the thirteenth-century stone walls of what was to be the church choir.

A discovery that will then allow you to admire painting and ancient architecture and that sheds new light on the history of this beautiful Cathedral.

What is included

  • Entrance with priority access
  • Ticket valid 3 days
  • Reservation fees
  • Access to temporary exhibitions
  • Access to all the sites of the Duomo of Siena Complex

What is not included

  • Guided tour
  • Videoguide on Tablet

Available options

The following options can be purchased in addition to the tickets in the guided booking on this website.

  • Videoguide on Tablet: available in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish

Price reductions

Free Ticket (it is still required to pay the presale to skip the line) :

  • Children up to 6 years old (valid identity document needed at the entrance)
  • Disabled persons and their escort

To remember

  1. The ticket is valid 3 days starting from the time of issue.
  2. Each monument of the complex observes its particular opening hours, which may vary for activities related to the liturgy.
  3. For a satisfying experience it is recommended to reserve at least 1 hour to visit the  Crypt.
  4. The tickets will be sent via email within 24-48 hours after purchase (on weekdays) with instructions on how to get there and what to do to enter.
  5. We inform you that, once booked, the date and time selected are binding. Please withdraw your ticket at least 15 minutes before the booked entrance time. Who doesn’t respect the booked entrance time will not enter. To pick up the tablet, you need a valid ID.
  6. The Crypt has a maximum capacity of people, in some periods of the year or special days you may experience short delays or waits not dependent on the Crypt or Italy Tickets.
  7. The Siena Crypt is included in the Opa Si Pass which also includes the Cathedral and its pavement, the Piccolomini Library, the Opera Museum, the Baptistery, the Oratory of St Bernardino.